Acid vs. Alkaline Dietary Balance

I am excited to have Dr. Wayne Pickering sharing this important information with us today. As you know, in addition to sugar, I speak a lot about the acid and alkaline balance in your body that greatly impacts your skin.

Many of my acne clients come to me with their body in an acid state. Once we correct this, acne bacteria and other disease has a hard time getting a foot hold.

In fact, the balance that creates this is driven by the very foods we choose to eat and has a great impact over your health. Please enjoy this post from Dr. Pickering and I know you will walk away with several "ah ha" moments, just as I did.
Acid vs. Alkaline Dietary Balance
by Dr. Wayne Pickering

I am so excited to be a guest contributor to Chris Gibson's Natural Expert Blog! I hope that I'm able to give you what you need to create and maintain a health body (and complexion) for your entire life.

Let me start with a basic thing you need to know about your body and how it's acid-alkaline balance is so important.

Getting the right acid-alkaline balance in the body can help diminish stress levels. Lets also look at how the acid-alkaline balance works with disease and the healing process within the body.

First off, a quick note: go to my website The Mango Man Diet and you’ll find a program that has a list of all the foods that are acid and alkaline-forming in the body.

The Mango Man Diet mini-program also talks about the proper acid-alkaline balance that you should be striving to have year round.

Once each meal is eaten and digested properly, your body retains an ash that’s used daily to maintain good health. That ash retained will either be acid or alkaline, depending on the foods you’ve eaten.

It is important that a proper balance of that ash –- 80% alkaline and 20% acid –- be maintained each day. The 80% – 20% balance varies somewhat during each season, but the balance is always heavily in favor of alkalinity.

Foods that are ALKALINE = watery type fruits and vegetables and their juices. And here’s what we want the seasonal alkaline balance setup to look like:

· Spring - 60-80% alkaline
· Summer - 80-90% alkaline
· Fall - 60-70% alkaline
· Winter - 50-60% alkaline

Foods that are ACID = the heavier or solid foods (PROTEINS, STARCHES, SUGARS, FATS & OILS). And here’s what we want the seasonal acid balance setup to look like:

· Spring - Proteins: 20-25% - Fats: 5-10%
· Summer - Proteins: 10-20% - Fats: 5-10%
· Fall - Proteins: 20-30% - Fats: 10%
· Winter - Proteins: 25-40% - Fats: 15%

The ACID-ALKALINE chart is the key to properly balancing your intake of acid-alkaline foods! If you go by the seasonal percentages (as I just mentioned and we get into that even more on our Mango Man Diet program) and make references to the “ACID-ALKALINE’ columns, you’ll never have to worry about diets or food chemistry ever again!

By making a commitment today to make these changes, you will see an amazing improvement in your skin in the weeks and months that follow. Please share below how your skin health changes from following these action steps this year!

Wishing you a healthy and joyous day,

Chris Gibson

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