Skin Frustrations? Try This "No Sweat" Cover Up...

Is some problem standing in the way of you showing off your skin? After today it won't be a problem because I have something you can do to address this quickly and easily.

As you know, when it comes to skin conditions I'm all about clearing up the problem and not trying to hide it. Not stepping far away from that mantra, I know that skin healing can take a little time and often you're most concerned with it when it is visible to others.

Many times our skin problem isn't cooperating with our social lives. So today I am going to share how you can camouflage acne breakouts, rosacea, and even psoriasis!

The first step is to apply a light oil-free moisturizer to the area. Be sure to pick out products that are petroleum and paraben-free. This includes mineral oil. Besides not being healthy for your skin, they will make your skin shiny which you do not want.

Next, find a foundation cover up (if this is new to you take a friend or even your mom along to help you) that closely matches your skin tone. You should be able to find these at any department store and be sure not to spend extra on the brand.

Any oil-free shine free brand will work. Make sure you choose non-medicated products, as these can actually irritate the skin and make skin problems worse. Then simply complete the following steps:

Step 1: Do a 30 minute patch test first to make sure your skin is okay with the product allergy wise.

Step 2: Dab the cover up into your palm to warm up the product to make it easier to apply and evenly cover the area.

Step 3: Apply evenly and gently fading the cover up into the skin past the area you are treating. Make sure it is blending into surrounding skin and don't overdo it. It should look natural and not like a cover up or you are applying too much product.

Step 4: If you have very oily skin try applying an oil absorbing face powder to set the cover up and give it a matte finish.

Just like magic, you have magically reduced the visibility of the skin issue! Most importantly though, is when you are ready to retire for the day you must remove all the cover up and cleanse the skin.

Remember, cover up is a temporary fix and no substitute for addressing a skin problem.

Wishing you a healthy and joyous day,

Chris Gibson

"Inspiring Healthy Choices For Better Living."

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