How About A Gluten Free Christmas?

The Christmas season is in full swing now and no doubt food is a central part of get together's, parties, and family meals. This year more than ever people are very aware of their food choices and the impacts they can have on their health.

I'm not just talking worries about an increasing waist line either. In addition to my advice to try and keep the Christmas season as "sugar free" as possible, I have had many friends and readers ask me about the gluten rich foods that are the standard of most Christmas (eve and day) meals.

Almost everyone is looking for better options and over the last few years many things like corn pasta, gluten free cake, and cookie mixes have come on the market. In fact, even though I do not have gluten allergies myself, I know that the body converts that into sugar which can be a problem for me.

I have switched to a more gluten free lifestyle. I use vegetable or corn versions of pasta and flour. I was pleasantly surprised at how certain food actually tasted better after making the change.

For example, one of our family favorites is homemade macaroni and cheese. It is a dish that takes more time and preparation than the box kind many are accustomed to, so everyone looks forward to having the real thing.

I get asked to make it every year for our family meals. A couple of years ago I switched to corn based macaroni in the recipe, because a good friend of mine with celiac disease (and complete restriction of any wheat gluten) was joining us for the dinner.

Everyone went on and on about how delicious the baked mac and cheese was this year. When I told them the reason was corn pasta that made it so much better, they were amazed. Now the whole family makes it that way.

I realize that finding gluten free items and replacement ingredients can be a challenge sometimes. For that reason, I wanted to share a site that is dedicated to this very cause - how to enjoy the Christmas meals "gluten-free".

The sites owner is not a "talking head" like so many. I understand her because like me, she suffered health problems and took matters into her own hands. Now she is helping others!

There is no one like someone who has been there to offer guidance. I also like what she has done with her site as far as recipes. Again this year there are new additions to try!

So please check it out - there are gluten free recipes right down to pie crusts...

Click Here For Gluten Free Recipies For The Entire Year

Refined sugar and gluten are the two diet ingredients that make the most difference in most of my problem skin clients, and are implicated in a host of other health concerns. And, I'm not jut talking weight gain either!

Click Here For Gluten Free Recipies For The Entire Year

The up and down of the body's blood sugar from these 2 food ingredients has been linked to everything from acne to the epidemic amount of new diabetes cases every year.

Click Here For Gluten Free Recipies For The Entire Year

While not everyone is sensitive to gluten, everyone could do with less sugar. This is just one way to incorporate healthier choices for you and your family. Enjoy!

Wishing you a healthy and joyous day,

Chris Gibson

"Inspiring Healthy Choices For Better Living."

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