Are Diet Sodas Killing You?

I hope you are having a great day today. I wanted to cover a subject that is all over the news right now. That subject is diet soda and whether or not it is really a healthy choice, and if it could be contributing to poor skin health.

I want to do this for two reasons. The first is because since I recommend a sugar free diet for great skin and health, this is something that many of you choose to do as a way to lower your sugar intake in your diet.

In fact in my "Acne Free in 3 Days" book, I talk about it as one of the choices I made that helped me clear up my otherwise "incurable" acne problem. Too much sugar in the diet is a big problem in the USA and other countries.  So, reaching for sugar free alternatives assists your body in the process.

I was in love with diet coke myself. Almost to the point where it was an addiction. As I have seen problems develop in people who drink too much diet soda, I changed course on this awhile back. I'm now drinking fresh unsweetened tea as I write this.

The second reason I want to talk about diet soda is there is a lot of confusing press on it, especially when it comes to whether or not it is a healthier or riskier choice. The answer really depends on your health goals and the amount of diet soda you drink everyday.

First lets discuss the long tern health studies on diet sodas and their impact on a sugar free diet, namely for losing weight and good health are showing some concerning findings. Oddly though, these studies focus on the apparent overall effect on health and do not center the problem on the artificial sweeteners used as you might expect.

This is one reason there is so much confusion. If it is not the artificial sweetener then what is the story here? How can drinking diet soda have a negative effect my skin?

As of now the studies show increased risk for stroke, heart attack, and bone loss. For men the heart and stroke risk is increased by 20%.

The straight forward answer is the other ingredients and the diet behavior diet soda seems to encourage. There appears to be more risks involved in dark sodas versus clear beverages like diet Sprite or 7up.

Several studies have linked aspartame "phenylalanine" ( the common sweeter) in diet sodas with increased acne breakouts, dry skin, and acne keloids.

Here are the behaviors regarding diet soda the can affect the skin as well as your overall health.

1. Drinking too many diet sodas each day. 

This creates a behavior where the body is getting the diet drink and not enough water. This causes dehydration of the skin and body. This can lead to slow cell turnover (exfoliation) necessary to have great looking and blemish free skin. Chronic dry skin leads to wrinkles and uneven skin tone as well. Over time this will prematurely age the skin.

2. Dark sodas contain many ingredients that people can have an allergy to in addition to problems with aspartame. 

For instance, there is the artificial coloring. Then, there is phosphoric acid. This is not something the body can process and has to be removed like a toxin by the liver and kidneys. The jury is still out on the long term effects of ingesting this but it has been tied to stomach ulcers, skin discoloration, kidney stones, bone loss, and even fibromyalgia. Clear sodas only contain citric acid which comes from citrus and is recognized by your body as a food.

3. Drinking diet soda has been found to encourage people to become lax in other areas they would normally make healthy choices.

Like choosing to eat more unhealthy foods such as other sugary foods, high calorie foods. There seems to be a development subconsciously that the diet soda gives you room to have these foods since you are supposedly doing something good by cutting out sugar.

I believe this is the reason that heart and stroke risks increase. People who are trying to lose weight or diabetics are the larger portion of the population who chose diet soda, therefore they are already at more risks in their health. Especially when you consider how much caffeine is in these drinks.

Caffeine raises blood pressure in many people and can cause heart palpitations. However, this doesn't account for the allergies, skin problems, and bone loss reported in these studies.

So what should you consider with this information and what alternatives are there?

A. Limit your dark diet soda intake to a few times a week.

B. Drink plenty of water everyday to quench thirst and keep skin hydrated.

C. Try teas and flavored water instead. 

Still limit these to one or two a day, as they can be very sugary.  Black and green teas are very healthy for the body and most people like their flavors without adding sweeteners. These provide antioxidants that are great for overall health.

D. Choose drinks using Splenda or another natural sweetener.

E. Keep in mind that while you may be reducing sugar in your diet by choosing diet over regular sodas, that doesn't mean a free pass to choose other less healthy foods.

As always, use moderation in anything you do and try to be mindful of the healthiest choices available. Monitor how you look and feel after you eat or drink something to identify any problems you may be having.  And, the most important choice: Go 100% natural/fresh when possible when it comes to food and drink!

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