What I Eat Daily To Have Acne Free & Ageless Looking Skin...

I love to do a lot of myth busting when it comes to skin health and what can be done
through a natural approach. I do spend a lot of time on products and chemicals, but today I want to give some time to diet.

There is the myth that diet plays NO role in skin health. One that I debunk regularly and in particular when it comes to acne and premature aging of the skin.

With the skin being the body's largest organ and one that eliminates waste and toxins through the perspiration and exfoliation process, you would think everyone would know better.

It is imperative that sugar, oils other than olive, and fiber are managed correctly
in the diet to have good health and great skin.

The questions I often get have to do with what approaches I use, specifically what my own diet is like. I get asked most often what I choose for foods that support
my skin and overall health.

Today I'm going to share a little preview of my next book "The Acne Free Diet". I'm
still in the process of writing this, but here is a snap shot of a typical day's meals that I follow.

You will see the balance and variety I use to keep my own skin healthy, and acne/age free. Here is an example for one day...

Breakfast Time

Fresh organic blueberries, and 1/2 cup Activia Light yogurt. Light English Muffin. This gives me the antioxidant boost to get my day started without spiking blood sugar. The yogurt also gives me a good dose of probiotics.

Other mornings I have oatmeal sweetened with splenda or a banana. I always have yogurt each morning regardless for the probiotic boost my body needs. I also have juice if I have it fresh squeezed or water with fresh lemon to drink.

Lunch Time

Lunch for me is usually always lean meats/fish and vegetables. I usually have a wrap full of fresh greens as well. I've added tuna, lean chicken, or turkey on different occasions.

Add a little bit of cheese, spicy or brown mustard, and a light salad dressing (both sugar free) to round out the meal. I also take a multi-vitamin and probiotic supplement like Sustinex with my lunch.

I usually have water or unsweetened ice tea to drink.

Snack Time

I usually have dried fruit and or nuts like cashews, walnuts, or even peanuts. Roasted almonds are excellent as well, just make sure all of these snacks have low to no sodium.

I also love making my own fresh salsa with fresh tomatoes, corn, and cilantro. It is
great over cottage cheese or on healthy chips like blue corn. Make sure to keep in mind small portions for snacks and not go overboard.

Dinner Time

I usually have a good solid meal here. I work out a lot so I need a good amount of
protein and fiber. I choose lean baked chicken or fish like seared tuna and salmon.

I will have beef 2-3 times a month and recommend hormone free grain fed meats. I usually have water with lemon or iced tea to drink. I occasionally have a diet coke but choose to keep those at a minimum. Wine on occasion is also fine.

I also include fresh greens and/or steamed vegetables like broccoli.

Desserts - 1-3 times a week

Here I usually have fresh or cooked fruit or something sugar free I have made in
advance. Late night if I get hungry I will eat from what I listed under the
snacks section.

This is an example of how I choose meals and that doesn't mean I don't have
cake or something fried occasionally as well. However, that is the exception not the rule.

I keep refined sugar to a very minimum and have since I discovered how to clear up my skin years ago. Notice no where do I have fast food as an option. There is just nothing healthy about it.

It is okay to have it every once in a while, but even then try to opt for the
baked or grilled choices. The key to what I eat is planning your days in advance the previous day and not having the bad foods in your home.

If you plan ahead then your prepared for anything. If you have an unexpected craving which happens from time to time, you're prepared with healthier snacks to curb those cravings, instead of eating junk foods.

If you are having skin issues such as acne, you can bump your day against the one I have outlined above. Are there areas that you might want to adjust?

The most important thing to understand here is that our daily consistent actions and choices add up to either good health or problems down the line. That means that if we change them then our experience will change as well.

You are in control of your diet and how your skin looks. Start making better choices daily and start reaping the rewards!

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Wishing you a healthy and joyous day,

Chris Gibson

"Inspiring Healthy Choices For Better Living."

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