The One Thing Standing In The Way Of A Better You

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I hope you enjoyed (and shared) the video I emailed yesterday. I know this time of year is usually one of introspection, which then leads to making commitments to the new year to improve the things we want in our lives.

I'm like you, I do this as well. I know that most of us want to be healthier, happier, and able to change the things that have stood in the way of that.

I like this video because it points out the fact that we are all capable of making great changes in our lives and that usually what stands in the way is, well, ourselves. ;-)

If you did not get an opportunity to watch it from the email I sent yesterday, then just click the play button below to watch it now:

I still remember many of the times I've made new year resolutions. The one thing that stands out to me was that the times I was successful at achieving them were the years I took action on what I wanted to change.

For instance, I remember when I finally got to the breaking point with my acne problem. I decided to take action by getting off the "why me" treadmill and instead only focusing on figuring out what to do that would work for me.

Once that shift in my mindset occurred, I was able to finally clear up my skin and today my life is about helping other people with the same type of problems.

It can be scary to make changes sometimes, especially when it involves our faces. We are all conditioned by our environments to do what we know, even if we understand making a change would make us healthier and happier.

For example, I had a lot of acne scarring left after I ended my battle with acne and would have done anything to remove it. For a time I took no action even though I wanted so badly to repair my skin.

Emotionally it was just easier to put up with doing the same old thing, than to do the work of making a different choice. Well known author and life coach Tony Robbins makes a great statement on the role of making a decision that fits well here.

I've had the pleasure of interacting with Tony personally and I find this little video makes the point clearly. Click on the play button below to watch it now:

As Tony discusses, it is clear to see that I was letting fear dictate my actions (again) and thereby keeping me stuck in a place where I didn't feel good about myself.

Then, I had a trusted friend recommend I try a skin peel she had used with great results. Unfortunately I was still not in the right mindset and was very resistant to trying anything like that on my skin.

So for months I sat on the fence about doing it, not making a true decision as Tony would say. One day after someone pointed out to me what a shame it was I had leftover scars after I had worked so diligently to get rid of my acne, something finally snapped.

That day I made my decision and decided to do the peel. How badly I wanted to change how I looked and felt about myself finally outweighed my fear to try my first skin peel.

Thankfully the results of the chemical peel I tried were much better than I expected. This taught me many things about continuing to put off the decisions to DO the things that can really change your life.

Too often we suffer far longer than necessary by not taking action. Don't stand in your own way of anything you want to do from now on starting today!

If it's losing weight then make the healthy choices in your diet and increase your level of activity to get you there. If it's a better job, then start looking and applying for one.

If it's starting that business you're afraid of starting, find a mentor and just do it. If it's how you look like it was for me, then simply make the choice to change the things you do each day to get the results you want.

That is certainly an area I am committed to helping you with! I don't care if you're dealing with acne, acne scarring, sun damage, or even the signs of aging such as lines and wrinkles.

What you do every day makes a real difference in how your skin looks and behaves. If you're ready to get rid of any of the skin problems I mentioned previously, here are several things I would recommend for you to look at making the decision to do starting today:

Step #1: Clean Up Your Diet.

Reduce and eliminate the intake of refined sugar, processed foods, and foods with hydrogenated oils. The food choices we make have a tremendous impact on our health and the way our skin looks.

Step #2: If You Need Dairy In Your Diet, Eat Whole Dairy In Small Portions.

Altered and reduced fat dairy has been shown to elevate the chance of acne breakouts, especially in women. The best option is to remove dairy from your diet altogether, but for some this may not be an option.

Step #3: Switch To Naturally-Based Skin Care Products.

This is for everyone no matter the age or current state of your skin. Stay away from products with chemicals like alcohol, sulfates, and sulfites.

Check labels for parabens and if a product has them do not use them. Chemicals and fillers are not good for you or your skin. Products made from glycerin and olive oil are best for cleansing products like facial cleansers.

Step #4: Start A Deep Exfoliation Program With A Skin Peel.

This will give your skin the opportunity to in essence "start over". After getting over my initial fears, skin peels have become the secret weapon to me looking in my middle thirties when I'm really in my late forties.

It's my number ONE recommendation for all my readers and clients to use. Nothing removes scarring, sun damage, and the signs of aging like a skin peel.

I use the naturally-based Ginale Skin Peel every few days, mainly because there's no pain, side effects, or downtime. I do 2-3 treatment sessions per week at a cost of about $3.00 each and it is the KEY to my skin's success.

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I'm committed to doing anything I can to help you achieve your skin care goals this year. The blog is full of advice and tips and now the four steps I've provided for you above are available to you as well.

Have a tremendous day!

Chris Gibson

"Inspiring Healthy Choices For Better Living."


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