Holiday Stress Causing Acne Breakouts?

Yes, it definitely can. Especially when dealing with family and friends.

Even though we all know this is supposed to be one of the more festive and happy times of the year, the reality is that as busy people it can also be the most STRESSFUL time of the year.

So, once again this year I want to share some great tips on how to keep the "overwhelm" feelings at bay and really have an enjoyable holiday season!

Please remember stress can lead to breakouts which in turn will add more stress to your holiday and no one wants that to happen.

Tip #1: Take a deep breath and make yourself relax for 5 minutes whenever those stressing feelings start to come on. You need to disconnect from them.

Your mind may not want to the first few times you do this, but makes yourself do it. Tell yourself that 5 minutes is not going to put you any further behind on anything.

Disconnecting from stress like this teaches your emotions and body who is boss. After just a few times, your body will start to listen and you will be able to diffuse stressful situations before they get out of hand.

Tip #2: Make sure NOT to use guilt as a self motivator. I work with tons of clients on this one and they are amazed at how unconsciously we do this.

If you're buying a gift, check to make sure you're intentions coming from a place of love and not from a space of "have to". The thought that you (have to) has its origins in feelings of guilt.

Stay conscious of why you are doing what your doing and shift your motivation around. Go to that holiday party - not because you are afraid you will hurt someone's feeling if you don't, but because it is a chance to break your routine and enjoy yourself.

As a society we have gotten way into doing things out of guilt rather that its the right thing to do or from a place of love. Trust me, once you begin to look at your motivation for things you will be surprised that making these simple shift will improve your mood and outlook.

Tip #3: Eat good foods to help reduce stress. Pick healthy snacks rather than sugary foods, which give you a quick high then have you crashing an hour later.

Trust me, you will not miss the emotional roller coaster of your blood sugar going up and down.

Tip #4: Don't overeat during the holidays. Overeating can make you feel sluggish and contributes to your stress levels by taxing the bodies digestive process. If you eat less this holiday season, you will feel better and actually have more energy.

Tip #5: Smile to reduce your stress. I recommend doing this even if you're stuck in traffic, at the airport, or with people you don't want to be with. Smiling can change the energy in a room or situation, and will definitely make you feel better.

Tip #6: Spend time on gifts, not money. That is to say be thoughtful of the gifts you give and you will rediscover what the rewards of giving are all about.

Tip #7: Clean up for the holiday, your car, your house, maybe even yourself. Become present in the moments and you will find things you have been missing.

Slow things down, take a breath and move through the holiday season with grace. It is there as a gift for you, so practice receiving it.

After all, you cannot "earn" a gift, you have to receive it!

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Wishing you a healthy and joyous day,

Chris Gibson

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