"Curious George Foreman" Tries Avocado Facial?

This is one of my favorite times of year! Certainly because of the holidays but also some of my most memorable TV appearances always occur during this time. Some of them have been down right fascinating.

Take my appearance on The Daily Buzz a little while back. I was there showing how to prepare a skin friendly holiday meal and then tape a couple of segments on Refrigerator Facials.

I want to share a fun little story of how I met "Big George" Foreman, and what he learned from me about how to use natural ingredients to make skin look and feel great.

George was there at The Daily Buzz to promote his new shake product and his television show "Family Foreman", a kind of reality show with all his children who also happened to be named George.

I really admired George not just because of his athleticism, but his charitable works as well. It was great to meet him and hear him tell his stories of the past.

George is also a "curious" George and was interested in what the other guest (myself included) were on to talk about. He was particularly interested in my book Acne Free in 3 Days, which is a best seller.

He and his sons had all battled acne issues in their younger years. Since they are very keen on living a healthy lifestyle (his fat reducing grills are one of the best selling kitchen products ever), he was very interested in what I had to say on the subject.

He had also come across the links between foods and skin health in his dietary research for his new shake product. I was delighted to discuss it with him and I learned a few new things from George that day (as well).

When he found out I was there doing the segment on all-natural skin facials using ingredients from the home, he was extremely interested and wanted to try the avocado facial I was demonstrating in one of the tapings.

He was now on a new TV show and the make up they used was very irritating to his skin and he refused to let them use much if any on him. Even persistent TV producers are a bit shy at disagreeing with him on that issue.

"Big George" usually gets his way, as you can imagine. :-)

So if what I was doing could help someone look their best he wanted to know about it. Now there is no doubt that George is a BIG guy!

I was a little nervous about applying this lime green concoction to his face considering he was in a 3 piece suit. He politely told me, "I would like to try the avocado one, just don't spill any on my suit kid... I have 6 more appearances today."

I was nervous to say the least. Still, not one to pass up the opportunity to show what I could do I applied the avocado mixture to his face. I tried not to let my hand shake but I didn't spill one drop.

He was very happy with the results, that I can tell you. I told him I was working on a skin care line called Ginale based on the same natural principles in my books. He was very excited about what I was planning.

His last words to me before he left were, "you will go far with this young man, people need it!" It is one of those things that happen you remember for the rest of your life. Nice guy, that George Foreman.

If you're interested in giving the same avocado facial that George Foreman did, click on the next link to see the recipe steps. I've also included the video segment for The Daily Buzz so you can view it. Enjoy.

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Wishing you a healthy and joyous day,

Chris Gibson

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