Acne Cure Smartphone Apps - Do They Work?

I hope you had a great weekend. We had our first serious snow this weekend, this will be a cold Halloween night here. It's time for me to use the fire place again.

Since I was indoors most of this weekend I got to spend a good deal of time answering the many questions I get about acne products and if they work.

Many of you have been to the point of trying just about anything to get clear skin, just as I did when I had severe acne. The emotional state this can put you in unfortunately can make you vulnerable to a scam treatment or advice.

You want so badly to find a product or method that will work and sometimes it makes it easier to believe some pretty ridiculous things that you'd normally go "yeah, right" about.

Again, I can say this as I did some pretty crazy things back in the day to get clear skin as well, before I found what really worked.

Beware Of The Latest Acne Scam Hurting People

As I was responding to one client, amazingly as if right on cue, a huge story broke on the latest scam right before me. This story was originally reported in the Huffington Post, a favorite resource of mine.

There I found a report on a dermatologist who (taking some liberty with some of the research on medical laser light and its potential to help with acne) had created of all things a cell phone app that instructed its users to activate the app and hold their cell phone screen up to their skin repeatedly throughout the day.

The light from this application was to kill acne bacteria and therefore clear up their skin. Dr. Gregory Pearson, a Houston-based dermatologist was the master mind behind this one. Ugh!

Further, these smart phone custmomers were charged $1.99 for the downloading of the application. Not, much money to lose (I guess) for a useless rip off, but the guy made a nice piece of change off of the backs of innocent people trying to clear up their acne. People who were already suffering.

I have to say this kind of thing really gets me mad!! Please, if you come across any cell phone app that says it can clear your skin... RUN from it.

When you spend your life trying to help as many people as I do by dispelling all the false information, myths, and fighting all the worthless ideas and products on the market it can be very frustrating.

Fortunately, the FTC stepped in and put a stop to it. This is what they said in their statement:

"Smartphones make our lives easier in countless ways, but unfortunately when it comes to curing acne, there's no app for that," said Federal Trade Commission Chairman, Jon Leibowitz, in response to a settlement reached on Wednesday between the FTC and three men charged with misleading claims that their smartphone apps could get rid of pimples. He was shut down from selling the app and fined.

He is not the only one, they also shut down and fined Andrew Finkle, owner of "Acne Pwner," a similar light-based smartphone app whose marketing materials said "Kill ACNE with this simple, yet powerful tool," and whose AcnePwner app was downloaded 3,300 times in the Android Marketplace at 99¢ a piece. He will pay $1,700.

To me it seems the FTC should have done a little more on the punishment part addressing this problem. However as the article pointed out, the settlement represents a new chapter for the FTC as this is the first time the agency has brought charges against fraudulent health claims in the app world. They need to do more but a step is a step forward.

Unfortunately, that doesn't help the 11,600 acne sufferers that took Dr. Pearson up on his offer.

I share this with you today because I know that there is so much out there that sounds to good to be true, and unfortunately that is exactly the case. It is easy to believe things when you so badly want to end acne.

I also will say here that the 2 TRUE areas to address acne are your diet and your skin care routine/products.

When someone who asks me for help follows my advice and addresses these areas, they see results. The seeming miracle of clear skin a person with troubled skin sees is really the magic of making different choices in these areas.

Good for you food and good for you skin care = picture perfect skin.

It just takes making a new choice.

I've put together a 45-minute video that walks you through exactly what I did and it can help to get rid of your pain that acne or other skin issues cause you.

All you have to do is follow through to the next link to watch it and you will have a complete understanding of what is causing your struggle and what to do about it starting today.

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Wishing you a healthy and joyous day,

Chris Gibson

"Inspiring Healthy Choices For Better Living."


Unknown said...

Hi Chris, thank you for everything I have purchased your e-book. I just have questions on my skin care routine. In the morning I shower and exfoliate with sugar and olive oil. I then go to school and have P.E. and sweat a lot. I just rinse my face and hair in the shower and pat dry. Later I gently blot my face with a clean napkin when I am really oily. I get home and put olive oil on my face for 5 minutes and rinse off. I then go to basketball. I come home, shower, and put raw honey on my face for 15 minutes. I then repeat. I also steam my pores twice weekly (10 minutes, boiling water) and use the avocado mask twice weekly. I have an oily T-zone. Please explain flaws, tips, improvements, etc. THANK YOU!

Audacious said...

hi , i am a 14 year old acne suffer and im tired . i have been dealing with acne for many yeas . i have used many acne products and some have worked but the acne came back. i also have acne scars and i have been using bleaching cream for 2-3 months . i have had little to no results . on a average how long does it take to get effective results with bleaching cream ?

- please respond fast .
- or email me :

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