3 Simple Guidelines To Having Perfect Looking Skin?

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If you are not 100% happy with your complexion, this may be the most important post you read from me this year. I'm going to share the only thing I know that will change the way your skin looks in minutes, yes minutes.

Even if you think you know what I'm talking about please read this entire post, as it has never been more clear how I can help you.

I want to thank you for the great feedback on my last post. I'm very happy it has been helpful to so many of you! I want to get right to the point today and share a couple of very important things.

Not a week goes by that I don't get asked, "Chris, please give me something, the one thing that will... stop my acne, remove my acne scars, get rid of these lines on my face, and/or give me back my complexion I had before this trouble with my skin started."

As you know I work with clients one-on-one when I can fit it into my busy schedule. I'm happy to be there for you and help with these issues because I have had them.

I had to learn things the hard way after spending an inconceivable amount of time and money on my skin. I tired pills, creams, injections, antibiotics, and even accutane, throwing any and every solution out there at my troubled complexion.

At one point I got so angry and frustrated I actually slapped my own face! It may have been the hard way back then, but I'm lucky to have figured it out and made the changes that not only permanently cleared up my skin, but have kept it looking clear and age-free ever since.

I love to help others do the same... it is what I do... and I want to help you today.

This kind of work is very rewarding because I get to help those dealing with skin issues with my knowledge and I always learn new things in the process. I love what I do and if you have listened to the webinar on this blog or seen any of my television appearances, you know I am very passionate about it.

If you haven't listened to the presentation I ask you to take the time to do it... you will learn so much.

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That said, there is also a kind of frustration that comes with this work as well. The frustration of trying to give the information that can resolve so many skin issues and finding that many will continue to make the same choices that affect their skin in negative ways.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in the skin care products you may be using. You can apply all the principles that I share, including consuming a better diet, daily skin care regimens, even following my recommendations to deeply exfoliate the skin.

The truth is so many will continue to use products that ARE JUST NOT GOOD for them. There are at least 10 posts on this blog about these skin care product ingredients you must stay away from, including your over-the-counter acne and anti-aging treatments.

So you do all this good work with your diet and get some results, but then go and slather on products full of chemicals that are not good for your health let alone your skin. This must change!

However many don't make the change, not because they don't want to but because they do not understand that they NEED to do this. It is a step you cannot skip.

When we finally do make the change (whew), we wonder why we waited so long! :-)

So I am going to give you these guidelines again and tell you what you can do to actually see same day, first time out, differences in your skin. The very same thing I use every week myself. It works, and you have access to it exclusively here because its not available anywhere else.

Guideline #1: Face wash MUST be chemical-free and made with glycerin, olive oil, or both.

Guideline #2: You MUST moisturize with a chemical-free and oil-free moisturizer - even if you have acne issues.

Guideline #3: You MUST follow a deep exfoliation routine to get the old skin off. This frees the new skin underneath to respond to the chemical-free products designed to nourish and heal your skin on a daily basis. If you have acne scars and red marks this is the ONLY way to fade them!

These are the 3 main guidelines outside of cleaning up your diet (please see my previous post for more information).

However, please understand it is Guideline #3 that is THE MAGIC STEP. You must get the old skin off to unclog pores, increase circulation, abate the bacteria growing on your skin, and free your skin to repair itself.

This is why this step gives immediate results and the only way to do this in my opinion is with the Ginale Skin Peel. If you're not doing this then you're taking a very long road to great looking skin and you're also really missing out on the BEST tool available for a skin care arsenal.

Want to see different skin when you look in the mirror? You absolutely will the same day, the first time you do this process within 10 minutes!

There is not a cream or pill available anywhere that can do this. When you do this, I want to receive a letter from you just like this one from a client who FINALLY gave this a shot...

Unsolicited Customer Story


I have never been much on skin care. I was always a soap and water kind of guy. Since my late teens, I have always had a problem area where I shave. It was darker than the rest of my face and covered with bumps.

I had started to try things a few years back. My barber said it was ingrown hair and dryness causing the problem, so I tried some moisturizers he recommended, but no change. My wife bought and bet me to try your Ginale Skin Peel. I may have lost that bet, but one I am thankful I did.

After just the first use, I could see a difference in the look and feel of my skin. The peel has made shaving easier, and I am starting to see less bumps. I just wanted to say thank you. It is so easy to use, that I now don't mind spending a little extra time on myself.

Jeremy Morgan, 34
Fort Worth, TX


So if you're asking me, "Chris, where do I start, what do I do, what will really help me?"... the Ginale Skin Peel is what I am telling you NEED to be doing.

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Go to the website and read and learn about this product right away and you will see what you and your skin are missing out on.

It is that simple.

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Wishing you a healthy and joyous day,

Chris Gibson

"Inspiring Healthy Choices For Better Living."

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