Yeast! Sugar's Partner In Health & Skin Crimes...

I know that I spend a great deal of time talking about sugar and what too much of it in the diet does to you. I'm not just talking about skin problems either.

Refined sugar wreaks havoc in many lives every day whether that be the ever increasing incidences of childhood diabetes and obesity, or the rampant problems teens and adults are having with breakouts (acne), as well as other health issues.

Most of you who follow me know this already and have taken steps to cut down on your sugar intake. Many of you have gotten great response from your skin and waistline alike. :-)

However, I have gotten a few email letters recently from frustrated folks who feel that they have tried everything, including removing all the sugar they can from their diet but still get some breakouts. Frustrating I know.

In digging deeper into the acne problem with several clients this weekend, I discovered that while the focus has been on sugar and eliminating it many were
missing my point about the yeast - skin connection.

This is what too much sugar in the diet reacts with to cause these problems. The yeast we are talking about is Candida Albicans yeast in the digestive system.

Now, I have written several posts on this yeast and they are available here on the blog, so I'm not going to go into great detail on that today.

What I'm going to tell you about is that even though you may be removing almost all sugar and even wheat gluten from your diet, you can still get reactions and breakouts from other common yeast in foods like breads, beer, and even some cheeses.

In addition, you may also have a mold sensitivity as well. I have a lingering mold sensitivity myself to the point that I cannot even tolerate it except in the tiniest amounts.

It is one of the reasons I live in one of the few homes in my part of the country that does not have a basement. Mold makes me instantly sick.

You see once the body becomes sensitive to candida yeast over growth, it stays that
way for a good while, sometimes for the rest of your life.

I have clients that had a really hard struggle with their skin but once they removed yeast and any mold such as bleu cheese from their diet, they got complete clearing of their skin and they actually felt better too!

One of the places I find yeast lurking in peoples diets is beer, which is also a gluten (a big no-no). So you need to look to these foods and environments that have both any kind of yeast or mold. This would even include mushrooms.

Tomorrow I am going to detail for you the diet I recommend when combating candida and yeast/mold sensitivity. For those of you who struggle to get good results I'm sure there will be many things from the list you are still eating.

Until then, I recommend you do some of your own research about the role candida yeast and mold can have on your heath and skin.

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Wishing you a healthy and joyous day,

Chris Gibson

"Inspiring Healthy Choices For Better Living."

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Anonymous said...

hey chris I started my cleansin today, is just when I used the enema on the left side position I felt the need of expelt it, but I didd't feel it on the second and third position after use warm water, is this normal, however I will continue with the program to see what happen later, please reply to my e mail thank you