An Oil That Speed Heals Acne?

What is oily, smells like a florist shop, kills bacteria, and can start healing skin cells immediately?

It's called Tea Tree Oil! This is mother nature's miracle oil and it comes from the tree Melaleuca quinquenervia. It's found on the Hawaiian Islands and is well know in its homeland of Australia.

In many parts of the world, Tea Tree Oil is called Melaleuca Oil. It is a prized extract from the tree of the same name and for good reason.

You probably know that I've been recommending it for years for healing acne blemishes fast. In fact, those following my acne clearing method in my book "Acne Free in 3 Days" already know the power of this natural oil.

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I have been using it successfully for years for everything from healing mange on a neighbors horse to helping those with skin problems.

Even just a few years ago I was helping to heal a bad skin tear my mother had that refused to heal. Nothing was working for her, not even the prescription medicine she had received from the doctor.

I remembered how I had used tea tree oil to speed heal breakouts and we tried using the it instead. The very next day the redness and swelling had dissipated.

By the end of that week the skin tear had all but disappeared leaving almost no scar! Ugly scars almost always form coming off of a skin tear, but in this case it did not occur and we were both very grateful.

Tea tree oil is the number one medicinal ally in my home. It's all-natural and it does wondrous things. Again, I talk about it at length in my book.

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While Tea Tree oil won't stop acne because there are other factors that cause it, it will heal blemish's super fast.

In fact, after one of my television appearances on Fox 8's "That's Life", the host of the show had started having her teens (her 3 boys all have some acne) use it to treat their breakouts.

When I returned some time later for a second appearance on the show, she raved about it on the air and I was immediately flooded with requests for information on it. She also had them follow the advice in my book and acne in her household is a thing of the past.

If you're having slow-to-fade blemishes then I highly recommend you try Tea Tree Oil for yourself. I also recommend you keep it around for everything from insect stings to cuts and scrapes. The stuff is just amazing.

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Wishing you a healthy and joyous day,

Chris Gibson
The Hardest Working Guy In Skin Care

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Anonymous said...

Hey Chris, I recently bought a tea tree oil bar of soap for my acne, but all it did was cause a bad red rash all over my face which is beyond frustrating !!.... so im wondering, is tea tree oil allergic ?

Are there any other bar of soap that you recommend to treat blemishes ?

Anonymous said...

Hello Chris, first i wanna thank you for all the information you provide about overall skin health. I've been suffering with acne,blackheads,and blemishes since a teen and i am 25 now still suffering with it. I decided to get your book and find it very helpful.I followed your steps but had resistant acne,so now i tryna eat right but it's like its not working.I'm staying away from sugar or a least trying to eliminate it. I've been eating fruits and veggies and drinking plenty of water. What i do wanna no is the sugar in the fruits not good for a candida infection??? Can u please help me out with some foods that i should eat because im very lost and so tired of battling this. I do find the tea tree oil amazing for pimples and would highly recommend it for anyone with pimples.

Thanks i a really appreciate you!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris, my girlfriend gets really bad boils on her face & some other areas. Would tee tree be helpful for this & how would she use it? (she's 35)

Chris Gibson said...

These are some really great questions. I always recommend glycerin or olive oil based soaps. Since Ginale Skin Care has come out with one I use theirs. However, there are other brands available so check the lables before you buy them for sulfites. Glycerine and olive oil based washes clean the skin without drying it out making you lss prone to breakouts.
For the second question about sugar - in general fruits are fine and do not contribute to candida problems. The body treats fruit completely different than the blood sugar spike that refined white sugar does.
Lastly, for boils 9 which are an infected blocke pore) you want to steam the area with a hot wash cloth for at least half an hour twice per day to try and get the boil to open and release the contents. You do NOT want to puch, pick, or squeeze the boil no mater how tempted you are. Tea Tree oil will definitely help reduce the pain, swellig, and infectious bacteria and should be applit twice per day after the steaming.

anneline singh said...

thanx chris

please add me on facebook.... anneline singh puskas as i have so much to tell u

God bless u for always helping us
anneline singh

Anonymous said...

hey i suffer from comedones and bad open pores my face is covered in little white comedones, i use oil free based acne wash steam face drink water eat fruit. HELP MEE

Anonymous said...

I would like to share that I had a friend suggest using a small amount of oil rubbed and distributed throughout hair will prevent lice. It will not kill them but starting with a lice free head it keeps them away. I don't know if it's the smell or texture, but it works. So if you have a child who keeps bringing home these unwanted guests from school, this is the way to go. Pure home has been lice free for years!

Chris Gibson said...

Great information! Thank you for sharing! Chris

Anonymous said...

I have large pores , clogged up and fine acne, what would you recommend