Got Skin Problems? Are You Sure These Aren't The Cause?

Acne, rosacea, and eczema. I get asked about these skin issues everyday.

After working with thousands of clients over the years, we've learned that when it comes to the skin and how it is behaving there is often more than one factor at play.

Far more times than I can count, we have discovered that part of a skin issue involves some kind of reaction going on with a product being used or some dietary choice that is being made.

Take "come and go" or sudden acne breakouts for instance. 90% of the time when everything has been tried and the breakouts are still occurring, then this is what is happening.

It is called contact dermatitis and the rash it causes can look like any of these problems. I had one client who I spent months with one-on-one trying to get his skin to clear up.

He had been to a dermatologist and completed traditional chemical and medicine-based treatments with no positive results. This was long before he came to me as a last ditch effort.

I had him do a total body detox, and got him to change his diet and skin care products. The frustrating part for him was that he would get clear, but then the breakouts would reappear.

What we finally discovered was there was something in the material in a coat he had professionally dry cleaned. Whatever the cleaning company was using would get on his hands and invariably he would touch his face and get a rash we thought was acne.

Once he stopped using the dry cleaner, no more "acne rash".

This just shows you that your skin can react to different chemicals and you may not know that this is what is causing the problem.

So to help you with this today, I'm providing in the list below the most common substances that can cause problems and the areas of the body usually affected.

While this does NOT rule out the good choices regarding what you put on your skin or in your body when it comes to getting clear and healthy skin, it can help you identify potential problem substances that may be contributing to your skin condition.
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