Avocado's Almost Get Me Arrested...

I hope your day is going fantastic so far. I wanted to pass on one of my first television appearances today that occurred in May of 2007, containing some great information that you can put to good use.

There is a funny story behind this appearance that I want to share with you before we get to the video. I almost had an extended stay in Canada over some Avocados, and I don't mean in a hotel. :-)

Now, I don't get me wrong here I love Canada. In fact, Canadian television gave me my first big break by putting me on their national airwaves.

A top TV producer for their national news had picked up a copy of my book "Acne Free in 3 Days" and used the method on herself. She has suffered from acne for years and when the things I recommend in the book worked for her, she was amazed and invited me on.

The interview was a huge success, so naturally when my publicist called to say Breakfast Television (BT as it is called there) wanted me on I excitedly accepted.

When the date arrived I packed up my demonstration materials and headed on up to Toronto. Going on live television is not as easy as it looks because you can't forget anything before you arrive.

When you're doing a live demonstration like I did, there are strict rules about what you can say and do, so you have to double check everything and be prepared because it is all tied to how long you get to be on camera.

I felt good about being prepared because I had everything already from an appearance a few days before. Everything but the fresh items I would need, namely the avocados.

So when the television station called and said they would handle the rest of what I needed (the avocados) when I arrived, my worries disappeared. However, they again resurfaced just outside the international gates when my publicist called with a big problem.

Toronto it seemed was OUT of avocados!?!

I detoured into a market in Buffalo NY and picked up the avocados I needed and went on my way. Problem easily solved right? Not so fast.

It wasn't until I was in line to cross into Canada that I learned from the polite but firm customs officer that it was ILLEGAL to bring produce into one country from another.

I was pulled over so they could talk to me more about what I was doing. That turned out to mean they wanted to know what else I might be "smuggling" in. This was now turning into a serious situation.

The more I tried to explain things the more questions they had. Four officers were pretty much interrogating me now, and led to a complete search of my car, and everything in my pockets.

They were talking about detaining me until things could be figured out, but after two hours of numerous calls to and from my publicist and Breakfast Television proving who I was and what I was doing there, I was finally allowed in minus my avocados.

Fortunately, my publicist found a market in the Canadian countryside and the avocados that you see on the show arrived on the set 5 minutes before I went on. I still love Canada and I do television as often as they will have me... I just don't take produce when I go. :-)

Enjoy and learn from the video!

Here is the recipe for the Avocado facial I talk about in the video:

Avocado Oatmeal Facial
- 1/4 cup Oatmeal, ground
- 1 tsp. Honey
- 1 medium or 2 small "just ripe" Avocados

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Wishing you a healthy and joyous day,

Chris Gibson

"Inspiring Healthy Choices For Better Living."


lyn said...

Hi,Chris.I am 16 years old and have a major breakout just this year.Pimples just could not stop coming,after one is treated,another will come.I also have red,dark scars at my cheeks and i have very oily skin. Plus,lots of underground pimple.

I admit that im eating a lot of junks food but im always craving for it.Im stress too preparing for a big examinations end of year and i am a active person,play sports.But why do i see my friends eating lots of chocolate and facing the same exams have clear and beautiful skin...

Im curretly using differin for pimple spot treatment.Cucumber and Apple cider vinegar overnite and drinkin Acv before goin to bed.it does improve but where do i go frm here to fully achieve clear skin?
I Really Need Your Help.....

Anonymous said...

Hi chris,
i am from nigeria and i ve serious acne problem, hw do i get this ginale skin products

Rudo said...

Hi Chris

Am aged 37 and l have serious acne problem,dark spots and oily skin where can l get this ginale skin products here in Zimbabwe

Chris Gibson said...

Thanks for your question on the skin care. Ginale is available online at www.ginaleskincare.com and ships to most countries. Chris