Acne Scars and Age Spots CAN Disappear!

As I continue to get some good questions on my fan page over on Facebook, I will continue to share them with you. I want to provide my thoughts on them because I know if one of you has a question, then likely many have the same one on their minds.

Here a couple of questions from fans/clients who have lingering marks and scars for their personal skin conditions and are asking advice. Their questions and my comments to other questions can be found on my fan page as well. The following are two from today.


At night I use olive oil for cleansing my skin and in the morning I combine salt and olive oil for exfoliating. I've been doing this for 2 weeks now. It's doing really great for my skin. My problem is my age spot and it's been there for a year now. Chris, can you help me with this?



How can I remove my scars? I have oily type of skin. I want to make my pimples disappear too. Please suggest anything. Thanks! :-)



Thank you for your questions. When it comes to removing long lasting red marks, spots, and acne scars, the most effective way is to remove the very outer layers of skin through a safe exfoliation process.

Deeper exfoliation methods like a skin peel help clear pores as well and remove old dead skin cells to reduce acne breakouts. They also restore the look of healthy skin by removing and reducing acne scarring and the red "spots" left behind once acne has cleared up.

The salt and olive oil "scrub" that Farida referenced is a very light exfoliation process made from natural ingredients. It is working for her to remove the oil, dirt, and bacteria each day helping her have less trouble with her skin.

It just can't go deep enough to help with the age spot. True skin peels can do this. Scrubs are a tricky things to get right for most of us (it is easy to over-do it and scrub too much), I recommend a Buf-Puf sponge for this purpose as well.

For these resistant problems however, I recommend a peel process, naturally-based of course. The deeper exfoliation process of a "peel" works because it causes the skin to be smoothed out and evens the skin tone, while increasing circulation to the damaged areas.

This clears out the red marks left behind that make the acne scar look more visible. The really great news for acne scarring is that this deep exfoliation process will also even out the skins surface over time, reducing the scar or in some cases, removing it completely!

This is what would help with J-Seph's concerns.

So if this is an area of concern for you then you might want to consider an alpha hydroxy fruit acid product (light treatment) or a skin peel (medium to strong treatment).

There are many chemically based skin peels, but I do not support the use of them because then can cause pain, lots of downtime, and carry great risks. They are also costly and there are now better ways to address these and other skin problems.

There are natural-based peels to consider, not the least of which is the Ginale Skin Peel I use. If a skin peel is not your thing, then getting a product with a high percentage of fruit acids mentioned above can also be useful.

I appreciate all the questions I get and those of you who take the time to
ask them. Keep them coming and I will make sure they get answered in the order received.

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Foo Weng said...

after using oil for cleansing~should we wash it with cleanser?~~or juz use that olive oil as cleanser o?

Anonymous said...

hello mr gibson, my name is emma I am from nigeria. I ve acne scars, large pores and very oilly skin, i ve tried all kind of products but none seems to work... I ve been receiving ur emails and u talk about ginale skin peel and the wonders it does, is this peel available world wide if yes how do i get it.....thank u