Win Ginale Product? Plus, Chris Answers Your Questions

I hope you are having a great week so far. I have been taking advantage of the nice weather by trying to write and work outside.

Unfortunately, we have had a lot of rain this spring and I have been joined by a bunch of bugs as well! I'm using a natural oil as a repellent and it has been working well. :-)

I try to stay away from chemical repellents and have found that tea tree oil works very well for this. In fact, the best essential oil to use is eucalyptus oil if you can find it. Truly amazing!

The same product that helps clear acne breakouts and heal skin also repels insects. If you do get a bite try baking soda mixed with a little lemon juice and dab the spot, it works very well to stop the itching.

With the end of the week approaching I wanted to provide answers to a couple of common questions I get frequently. I also wanted to remind everyone that Ginale is giving away 2 skin peels absolutely free! Details of how to win will follow below.

Today's client question comes from Irena Freidin on my Face Book Fan Page. It is really 2 questions in one and I want to share it and my response to this because I am asked this so often!

Question: Is having clear skin more about the food you eat, or more about the products you use?

Answer: Well, actually both! Anything you do consistently day in and day out affects your skin's health. This includes eating too much sugar, dairy, or oils in the diet.

The same is true with products that go on the skin. There needs to be a balance on both. For example, you would not want to do a great detox diet and then turn around and slather chemical products on your skin.

So food can definitely impact your skin and yes, what you're putting on your skin definitely has direct impact on its health and the way it looks. Thank you Irena for asking this!

On this blog I have posted a tremendous amount of information on both of these subjects. It is my resource for you to use.

Everything I do is to continue to educate myself and my clients on the realities in our lives affecting our health and our skin health. Even Ginale was created in large part because I couldn't trust commercial products or their labeling practices.

Products and certain foods were harming my clients and their families. We created our own instead. So use this blog and do your own research. There is so much to learn and your health depends on it.

Now, the great news is that our Ginale team is giving away product tomorrow. To qualify to win is very simple, all you have to do is follow through to the next link, go "Like" Ginale's Facebook fan page and look out for the winner after the drawing tomorrow evening (June 10th) on Facebook.

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Wishing you a healthy and joyous day,

Chris Gibson
The Hardest Working Guy In Skin Care

"Inspiring Healthy Choices For Better Living."


Bryan said...

How to get rid of nose bumps left by acne????
Pls answer this question. Thanks!!!

Sherihan said...

I feel the blogs are very useful :)

Chris Gibson said...

Hi Bryan! You might want to consider deep exfoliation to remove the outer layers of skin - this way the skin tone and texture is evened out. This is what I did to minimize my acne scars and any bumps due to clogged pores. Did you look at the Ginale Skin Peel yet? Sherihan - Thank you for your kind feedback!

Hugs Guys!