What Is Nature's Answer To Skin Scarring & Repair?

We have spent a lot of time talking about various methods of skin repair from chemical peels (TCA, Phenol), the risks and the results, to concentrated botanical (AHA, BHA) deep exfoliators.

Due to the many potential problems and risks involved, a better alternative was needed.

The good news is that today there is an alternative. One that can give great results without any downtime, extreme pain & burning, risk of infection, or even permanent scarring and discoloration.

This is an alternative I am proud to share. It's not something I normally discuss but because it's a proven, safe, and effective alternative to these riskier methods, I feel a need to share this with you and save you from the headaches.

The original question was what if you could get the deep results necessary to repair skin damage and reduce scarring and damage without the cost or complications? Mother nature had the answer just as is always the case.

Nature's Answer = The Ginalé Skin Peel!

The result is the product I use called the Ginalé Skin Peel. It has changed the lives of my clients and the way skin is rejuvenated in an industry overwhelmed with false promises.

The power lies in the ingredients and the simple process you follow. It contains only FDA approved ingredients and provides results like the Medium or TCA peel in the short term (the first few times you use it), and fantastic results over time similar to the Deep or Phenol peel.

The Ginalé Skin Peel is a type of peel made from natural ingredients combined and processed in a precise method. The amazing thing here is that it produces results even better than that of chemically-based peels, yet does not burn the skin at all.

When our clients and I tested this peel we were all completely amazed... something that rarely happens for me. It took over 3 years to develop, but finally a pain free, risk-free skin peel that gives great results!

Anytime I'm in public or in a television studio, I always get comments about the results the peel has given me. When I decided to recommend it to a few of my friends in the media who were ultra concerned about their skin, they were just as amazed with the results as I was.

The simple 3-step process for the Ginalé Skin Peel can be applied by the average person without the fear of the complications of chemically-based peels at much less cost.

The peel works by loosening the outer layer of skin 1 to 2 layers deep, preparing just the appropriate amount of skin to be removed. The special peel cream then allows you to roll off the old layers of skin revealing brand new baby like skin.

There is a very mild stinging sensation during use and this is replaced during the last step with a refreshing and skin invigorating sensation as the natural ingredients go to work.

Amazingly, a peel that feels like a high end spa treatment and feels really GOOD, but does not cost $300.00 per visit or session! In fact, the average cost per session for the Ginalé Skin Peel is just $8.19.

Because my clients were able to repeat the results I received I wholeheartedly recommend this product as the most effective and safe way to lesson and remove acne scars, as well as other skin irregularities like age spots, lines and wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation, and sun damage.

The Ginalé Skin Peel has done so well that its process is now patented. It even has its own YouTube channel, where you will find many client sharing their results on video.

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I get asked about what to use every day to jump-start skin health and this is what I recommend without reservation. This is what I use along with my Ginalé skin care products to keep my skin healthy and protected, never mind making it look great as well!

The Ginalé Skin Care team also has a Facebook fan page in which clients share their experiences and offer each other support and advice. Make sure you spend some time there as well.

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I hope you understand that I'm not trying to "sell" you on Ginalé today, because I want you to do your own research on these different methods, so you can understand your choices.

All I'm saying is Ginalé deserves a fair comparison, after all it is making a difference for those who use it so I want you to be aware of that.

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Wishing you a healthy and joyous day,

Chris Gibson
The Hardest Working Guy In Skin Care

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