Real Acne Falsehoods: Sex, Stress, Hormones, and Your Skin

I hope you have had a terrific week! I have been super busy helping friends with two weddings and a couple of fundraising events this past week. Talk about stress! :-)

I have to tell you that I hear the most amazing things at public events. Often, I hear things that are related to topics I write on or the work that I do.

Since misinformation is the mother of all confusion, I want to talk about a few of these I have actually heard repeated in the last few weeks.

This last event I attended I actually heard a comment about having sex being a way to clear up acne skin. I was like whoa... I did not just hear someone advise that as a therapy!

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Now you may laugh, but the last time I was guesting on Sirius/XM radio on the popular rap artist Eminem's Hip Hop show with shock jock LL Cool J, I had a lot of similar questions and beliefs to talk about for the listening audience.

Even as LL Cool J tried to be shock jock with me on the topic of acne, I was able to throw it right back and we all had a great time and learned a lot. I hope to be back on again soon.

You might think that this was an odd channel for me to be questing on, but the listening audience was so responsive that they blew out the incoming call lines, a first for that show!

Acne is a really big problem with a ton of misinformation and myths around it.

That all made me consider that it is time again to do a little acne myth busting just so we all stay on the same page. What if I were to ask you three True or False questions and asked you to answer them considering what you might believe to be true?

Let's take a minute and do this...

1. True or False - Changes in your hormones can contribute to acne breakouts.

2. True or False - You can get clearer skin by having more sexual relations.

3. True or False - Stress causes acne.

Well, if you answered True to any of the above then you got them all incorrect. However, whether you're right or wrong does not matter.

What matters is that none of the above causes acne or acne breakouts directly.

Acne is the body's immune response to the naturally occurring bacteria on the skin that has made its way down into a pore. That is it, period.

While acne can and does have varying levels of severity, the process by which it occurs is the same.

Let's take stress for a moment. It can make your immune system more sensitive and your skin more vulnerable to a breakout. Stress does not cause acne, but it can aggravate it.

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Similarly, hormonal changes can do the same thing and also increase or decrease the skin's oil production. These changes occur throughout a person's life and are normal.

So, while hormones don't cause acne, they do cause changes in the skin's behavior that can make it more prone to breakouts, depending on how healthy the skin care routine and a person's life choices are.

As for sexual relations being a cure for acne, that's just plain old bunk. Don't listen to someone that tells you anything related to that, and be careful with that subject altogether.

Like everything in life, a reasonable approach to all aspects of a healthy lifestyle matter, both in your short-term health and the long-term.

In this blog alone I have written countless posts on these choices. Understanding the popular myths about acne and other skin troubles will help you get the correct answers and make good choices quickly.

I encourage you to always check out anything you hear regarding skin care, whether it's the newest product out there or one of these acne urban legends. If you have any other myths you've heard that you would like for me to cover, please post them in the comments section below.

I always like to give you more access to information that you can use today, so visit the next link below to get step-by-step information on how to get your skin healthy, clear, and youthful looking in as few as 7 days.

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Wishing you a healthy and joyous day,

Chris Gibson

"Inspiring Healthy Choices For Better Living."


Deepa said...

I live in Nepal and recently I went on a holiday with my family to a nearby spot Kulekhani...and I noticed the villagers living there had amzing skin...evenly tanned...NO TRACE OF SINGLE ACNE...or acne scars!! and their skin was shining with health !!! literally flawless n glowing !!
so i thought how come...they have never in their life seen a skin care product...they hardly get to shower everyday and look at their skin...
I do think their diet...the workout they get..!! etc..
Can u make out why their skin is soo beautiful ?

Anonymous said...

Just wanna ask if acne is really hereditary like from the genes we got from our parents and even ancestors? and hey thank you very much for every bit of information about this sensitive topic you're willing to share with us. This means so much to us and also a BIG HELP! May God bless you more! <3

Anonymous said...

hello chris..
i have a question to ask you regarding the natural.
can the natural oil such as virgin coconut oil and black seed oil cure acne externally and internally?
what is the side effecfts?
i've alraedy read a lot about this oil, but im not sure. that why im asking you as the skin professinal

Chris Gibson said...

Great Questions and comments. Deepa you are correct that their environment and diet play a role here in their great skin. Changing diet patterns can clear up many acne sufferers skin. Interestingly, heredity can play a role in whether someone is acne prone or not, but it does not determine a life of acne. Most natural oils can be used on skin. Some however, can actually block pores if they have a thick viscosity. Olive, castor, and grape seed are good oils and the essential oils like tea tree can heal and protect. The oils asked about here also have shown good properties used on the skin. AS an individual, you should always measure how well the oil is working for you.

Anonymous said...

can you tell us a fast way to get rid of acne forever in a small amount of time? using only the things you'll find at home?

Anonymous said...

can you tell us a way to get rid of pimples for a long time with only using the common household iyems please!?

Anonymous said...

I bought, followed and finished your program to a T - i continue to steam and use castor oil (and tea tree oil), i take garlic and pro biotic supplements, use glycerin soap and only bare minerals make up. I drink 60 + oz of water a day and have cut sugar from my diet. I eat mostly raw veggies, fruits, nuts and beans (very healthy). But i've seen NO RESULTS! ;( I ordered the Ginale Skin peel kit but of course they are back ordered. I thought maybe your program was different but it seems to be helping as much as the other products i've spent over $500 on in the last 6 months.


Chris Gibson said...

Hi there. Acne can be a frustrating condition. It also has several contributing factors...of which your focus on diet plays a role. Acne which is caused by the immune systems reaction to the bacteria trapped in a pore is what causes the breakout. Diet has a direct impact on the immune system and therefore the skin. You might want to try removing dairy products if you are consuming them and see if this also helps. Now, the skin care routine can also contribute and these days is more of a problem than ever. You say you are using Bare Minerals make up which also gives many of my clients problems because of the fillers they use. You might want to try skipping make up for a week or so if at all possible. Mineral Makeup is great, but you need a pure one like Color and Souls pure custom blends. Contact Julie Edwards at if you are interested. She is an expert in this area. I know that when I do television shows and make this recommendation to a host who is struggling with their skin if often makes the difference. The peel will also help greatly because bottom line - deep exfoliation to remove old skin and debris is the optimum step in and skin correction method. I know they expect that product in with in a day or 2 and you should have it very soon. It will work for you. I use it myself. ~chris~

Nishu said...

My skin gets quite oily in summer causing breakouts . What home remedies can I try to reduce oiliness or is there anyway I can get rid of the oil of my face..Pls help

Nishu said...

Hi Chris...I read your articles regularly..Thanks for all the useful information regarding acne.My skin gets very oily in summers causing breakouts.Are there any home remedies to reduce oiliness or any effective way to get rid of the oil on my face.Please help!

bani said...

hey chris,

can you tell us a way to reduce scars as soon as possible by natural ways.

Anonymous said...

hi chris,

can you tell us a way to reduce scars as soon as possible by natural ways ,right now i am using tea tree oil .

Anonymous said...

hey chris and thanks for all your help, i had some quasrin i want to ask you ?
is potatos or tomatoes cause acne ?
is masturbating cause acne ?
is beer cause acne ?

Anonymous said...

Hi. What do you recommend for removing black spots on the face?

Kisiah said...

Hi Chris, as I read your blogs and recieve your emails I notice that you always say exfoliate. I heard that baking soda can be a good exfoliater and is a natural ph balancer. Is that true or not?

Chris Gibson said...

This blog always generates a lot of questions. Sexual activity has nothing to do with acne. Blocked pores, bacteria that thrives on skin oil, and over drying chemicals combine to create breakouts.

Beer which contains yeast that a lot pf people who have adult acne are sensitive to can see an increase in breakouts.

Like wise sugar and dairy contribute as well in many cases.

For the baking soda question, its properties are more soothing to skin than anything. However, it can be drying so it is not a great choice for exfoliation.

The BEST choice for exfoliation is an exfoliating sponge like the Buf- Puf by 3m corp ( available on line...just search "Buf-Puf) in Google...or a skin peel like the Ginale Skin Peel that I use.

Regular exfoliation is extremely important to skin health and stopping breakouts. ~Chris G~

Anonymous said...

Hey chris,thnks for all the information.
My skin is too oily,after 10mins washing my face,my skin becomes so sticky nd i use garnier oil clear facewash it has nly little effect....can you tell me any home remedies or any soaps,facewashes to control ma oily skin

Anonymous said...

Hey chris,thnks for all the information.
My skin is too oily,after 10mins washing my face,my skin becomes so sticky nd i use garnier oil clear facewash it has nly little effect....can you tell me any home remedies or any soaps,facewashes to control ma oily skin

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,
Thank you for the reference for pure makeup. I have also experienced an increase in acne after using bare minerals/essentials. I'm not sure if you've already written an article about this, but maybe you can mention addittional businesses that make pure mineral beauty products.

My question is about exfoliation. I've heard that apple cider vinegar is excellent for this. I've tried it, but I can't stand the smell, especially when I'm working out. Any other natural alternatives that have a more tolerable scent?


Anonymous said...

Hi Chris.I am regular reader of your articles.thanks for all the information.I tried literally everything but what work like magic was deleting some of the items from my diet.its been one or two years I have stopped eating butter,processed we use for bread my case that's what triggering horrible acne.