Skin Tag, Mole, and Wart Care and Prevention

Thank you for all of the great feedback on my last post regarding warts. I want to share some further care tips for warts and the other common skin issues like moles and skin tags today.

We'll Start With Skin Moles

As I have said in the past, it is very important to always monitor moles on your skin regularly. I recommend you make a point of checking your skin at least once a month for any changes.

This includes moles that suddenly show up and moles that change color, shape, or begin growing. Studies continue to show that this type of regimen saves lives, because skin cancers and cancerous moles can be caught early.

I know this myself as I found one and was able to get it diagnosed quickly. This allowed me to remove the mole myself naturally rather than suffer through the painful and expensive surgery had I not been paying attention.

To protect moles it is important to be sure that you use a good sunscreen on any skin that is regularly exposed. The second most important thing is that you never want to use any sunscreen over SPF 30.

The reason is that sunscreens over that amount can be very irritating, and moles that stay irritated are prone to infection and growth.

Wart Prevention and Care

The other tips I wanted to give you have to do with the prevention of warts. Certain types of viruses that cause warts become more prevalent with the warmer weather.

Just like with other viruses you want to always wash your hands after being in public places or if you're going to be dealing with any type of soil.

This includes commercial potting soil. Its a great idea to wear gloves but since I do a fair amount of gardening myself, I realize gloves are not always practical.

If you're around anyone who is experiencing warts such as children, be sure to watch for any you may see starting. Warts are much easier to remove when caught early, than if allowed to get deeper into the skin layers. I talk about this at length in my book, No More Moles, Warts, or Skin Tags.

Don't Forget About The Skin Tags

When it comes to skin tags, which are growths similar in nature to moles but are genetically different, rarely do they become cancerous even though they are annoying and unsightly.

They often are just extra skin cells that grow outwardly and are usually the same skin tone as surrounding skin or lighter. Again, you want to follow the same rules for dealing with these as for moles.

As always, it is best practice to remove the ones in areas where they routinely become irritated. There are natural ways to deal with all of these.

Here is a letter I received on the effectiveness of the methods found in my book, No More Moles, Warts, or Skin Tags.


Dear Chris,

I wanted to say thank you... I purchased your e book on how to get rid of skin tags etc... we tried it out on 3 skin tags under my husband's armpits. One was quite large & used to rub against his singlet & made it quite sore he said! The two smaller tags only took about 5 days & the large one took over a week.

I had actually tied the tags off with cotton hoping to stop blood supply
to them before I had even come across your e book... I didn't need to scratch the surface because the cotton had cut through the surface enough so that when we applied your remedy it began to burn a bit so we then knew it was getting in there.

It worked exactly as you had said..the skin tags fell off & they are nearly healed... you can hardly see where they had been! We are thrilled to bits... we will soon have a go at all the smaller ones! Thank you again... we are very grateful we came across your e book that's for sure!

Kind Regards,

Gail Becktold


I hope that you are finding the information I'm sharing with you helpful in managing these skin issues. As always it is my goal to help you have healthier trouble free skin.

Wishing you a healthy and joyous day,

Chris Gibson
The Hardest Working Guy In Skin Care

"Inspiring Healthy Choices For Better Living."


janetbeaushaw said...

i just ordered your skin peel cant wait read so many good things about this product

Chris Gibson said...

ThankS - Please let me know your results!


tell me about dermatend,,, it works or not?

Anonymous said...

Dear Chris,

I bought your e-book on moles removal and it worked. Now all I have is redness in the region. Do you recommend any method/product to speed up the recovery?