An Explanation For The REAL Cause Of Acne

I wanted to focus on a question that was posted on my fan page today, because it is so reflective of the frustration acne sufferers deal with.


Hello, I'm dying to ask this question. I'm 17, and I started having acne since I was 13. I do everything, from cleansing and stuff, but this thing won't stop bugging me. I do sleep like 8 hours at night, and I don't go outside that much so I won't catch dirt and dust on my face. Why is it that my acne won't stop?



Thank you for your question. The first thing to understand is that acne is caused by a bacteria that thrives on the oil on your skin. Everyone has this bacteria and only in percentage does it cause a problem.

The bacteria gets trapped down in your pores, grows, and then your immune system reacts to it much as if you had an infection (becomes acne). Sometimes these problems are deeper in the skin and can cause scarring if left unaddressed.

If your body has a high level of toxins or in an "acid" state, you are more likely to have breakouts because the immune system is more sensitive.

Poor diets high in refined sugar and processed foods also extensively contribute to the problem, and science now sees the correlation between blood sugar spikes and acne.

Candida Albicans which is a yeast we all have in our digestive system gets out of control on this kind of diet, especially if you have a history of antibiotic use. (I will be doing a full post on Candida soon.)

Then there is what you're putting on your skin that can contribute to acne as well. Over drying the skin by using what I call the "That's So 1980's" products like Proactiv that have been around forever will NOT work for you long-term.

Short-term you will see results, but long-term it will only make the problem more difficult to solve. This happens because they create a build up of dead skin that eventually blocks more pores creating more breakouts.

Many products also have chemicals in them that cause irritation and make acne worse. The more natural you can go... obviously the better for your skin.

Simply cleansing the skin, getting enough rest, drinking water, etc will all help you stay healthy, but will not keep you from having breakouts.

I have clients who have tried washing their skin 6 times a day and to no avail. I used to do the same thing myself in my younger years, anything to get rid of the acne I thought.

Proper cleansing of the skin with non-soap based washes and exfoliation products to keep the pores open and clear are the keystone to reducing breakouts.

A proper diet high in fiber, low in sugar, and detoxification if necessary will stop acne from the inside out by helping an overtaxed immune system.

I know because I ended my 15 year battle in 3 days by making these kinds of changes. I wrote about this in "Acne Free in 3 Days" my book on the subject.

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So don't avoid and shut down your life because of acne. Make the healthy changes and choose skin care products that are as natural as possible and you will see a difference.

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Wishing you a healthy and joyous day,

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Peter Albright said...

Hi Chris, I was wondering if you could recommend a product to use as a face wash and one as a moisturizer. Also it seems like the 20 minutes of hot water (i do it on the stove) makes me have more white heads the next day? Am i doing something wrong?