Emergency Tips For Sudden Acne Breakouts!

I hope you had a great first weekend of the summer season! I'm just in from the garden and here is a picture to show you our progress so far.

For those of you who don't know, my friends and I have started a totally organic garden and I'm posting pictures of the progress on the blog. Up until this point, we have planted corn, peas, tomatoes, melons, pumpkins, and peppers. I can't wait to see how everything grows.

I know that many of us have special plans and outings as summer begins, so I want to provide some tips for those times when our skin does not seem to be cooperating with our agenda.

Nothing is worse than to wake up to a sudden breakout when you need to be looking your best. While I usually work with folks to have clear skin long-term, I do know that for many who are not there yet this can be a big problem.

Here are a few things you can do if this happens to you.

1. Do NOT Panic.

Emotional stress has been shown to exacerbate skin conditions as the skin reacts to stress in many individuals by becoming more sensitive. Take a deep breath and realize that you can treat the breakout and minimize its time to heal and how visible it is very quickly.

2. Do NOT Over-React and Make Your Skin Worse By Scrubbing or Over Cleansing.

I know the frustration can be almost to the point of outrage. I once punched my own face over a breakout when I had acne. The best thing is to think about "calm and clean" for your skin.

20 minutes of steaming with a hot washcloth applied to the area will open the pores and help them drain. Followed by a glycerin-based face wash and a non-oil moisturizer will begin to calm things done. This can be done morning and night.

3. Cut The Sugar Out Immediately.

No refined sugars that can raise and spike the glycemic index of your blood which aggravates many cases of acne. If you know in advance of an event you need to look good for, cut out the sugar as soon as you can (at least a week before) to minimize this contributing factor.

4. Treat The Breakouts With Tea Tree Oil.

This oil will kill any of the acne bacteria on the skin, speeding healing of the blemishes and reduce redness and swelling. For many it works wonders!

Robin Swoboda Star of the Fox morning show for women "That's Life", made it the treatment for her teens after I was a guest on her show. On my next visit on her show she reported all 3 of them were "acne free" and recommend it on camera to her audience... it works!

Learn More About Tea Tree Oil Here

5. Find A Chemical-Free Mineral Make-up.

Make sure it matches your skin tone and dab it on the area to provide a cover-up while the skin is repairing. Mineral based make-up that is filler, oil, and chemical-free will not cause breakouts by clogging pores and can help "conceal and heal" breakouts faster.

I hope these little tips will help you even if you have sudden breakouts. The ideal thing though is to make the changes in your lifestyle and skin care routine to promote healthy and beautiful skin year round, like I talk about all of the time!

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Wishing you a healthy and joyous day,

Chris Gibson

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