Murad's Resurgence For Anti-Aging... Is It Worth It?

I hope that I have been able to share some useful information with you about the popular and well known skin care products I have been reviewing. Today I continue with my review of Murad, this time looking at the anti-aging line Resurgence.

This review will not be very long today as I was surprised not to find much in this product set that was helpful. I guess the saying 'you get what you pay for' is 100% true in this case.

The Premise (Or Promise) Of Murad's Resurgence

The whole idea behind this entire line is to help the signs of aging due to hormonal changes. In fact, Murad calls it hormonal aging.

The line contains the typical creams and lotions for targeting the signs of aging on the face, eye, and so on. Nothing special here to say the least.

Is there anything special in the ingredients that make Murad's Resurgence stand out from the rest of the crowd? Let's look and see.

What Is In This Stuff?

In looking at the product formulations I could find no new ingredients in them. The only real active ingredient was a low amount (8%) of glycolic acid. So listing the ingredients by product type won't be necessary this time.

I was not alone in my findings either, one independent reviewer had this to say:

"While the Resurgence set has some nice and harmless ingredients included in each of their products, only the anti-aging serum itself contains effective age fighting ingredients such as argireline-3 and Matrixyl. Neither the cleansing cream or the night cream seem to contain any ingredients that have been proven effective for reducing wrinkles and increasing firmness."

I would agree. So Resurgence is really just a light exfoliating and moisturizing system. That's about it.

What I Recommend

Murad's Resurgence has the typical mix of modern skin care preparations buffered by fillers and volumizers. There is nothing in that I would say to stay away from, but there is nothing in it that in my opinion justifies the cost and time to see results (30 days minimum according to the website).

I just know, and I see this with my own clients using naturally-based products such as Ginale, that pure formulations that do not rely on chemicals to alter the skin are more effective and healthier choices for you and your skin.

I always like to give everyone more access to information that you can use today so visit the next link below to get step-by-step information on how to keep your skin healthy, clear, and youthful looking.

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Anonymous said...

I am curious if these products contain parabens or other ingredients that are potentially harmful.

Unknown said...

thanks.. you saved me money and time

Unknown said...

thanks.. you saved me time and money