Vitamin K - Crucial For Healing and Repairing Of Skin...

I know it's only Tuesday and the week just started, but hopefully you are starting this week armed with more information that will help you make really healthy choices for you and your skin.

After all, it's the only one you have right? :-)

The vitamin I'm going to be discussing today is crucial in the skin's healing process, especially deep wounds and bruises. Your blood would not be able to clot without it... I'm speaking about vitamin K.

Vitamin K

A lot of folks have probably heard something mentioned about the benefits of vitamin K somewhere. For most the true role this vitamin plays in human health is fuzzy at best.

As the nutrient responsible for helping blood clot, its main impact is in helping the deeper parts of your skin (dermis) to heal from damage. Therefore, it won't do much for how your skin "looks" from the inside.

However, studies presented to the American Academy of Dermatology in 2003 show topical vitamin K does work well to reduce under eye circles as well as bruises and even spider veins. When it is combined with vitamin A and/or C in a cream or serum, vitamin K can be even more effective on these kinds of skin issues.

Since most health experts agree that most of us don't need to supplement our mineral intake you do not need to go run out and purchase vitamin K. If you drink spring water, which often contains healthful, natural supplies of important minerals you will be getting more than enough vitamin K.

Taking too much can cause problems and over-thicken the blood. Interestingly, several studies shown that washing your face with mineral water can help reduce many common skin irritations, and the mineral content may help some skin cells absorb the moisture better.

I often recommend this in acne cases and for some clients it makes a noticeable difference.

So here is the healthy tip for using vitamin K which can help with several skin issues. Just approach using vitamin K as an outside application to the skin rather than taking more internally.

The RDA for vitamin K is around 60 mg and easily met daily for most people. Understanding where you need to focus with nutrients can support whatever your skin care regimen may be creating healthier skin from the inside out.

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