Phenol Peels: Risky, Dangerous, & Unnecessary!

As we have been discussing, there are several options to consider for improving acne scarring, large pores, and deep lines and wrinkles.

These issues require more direct work on the skin and the most obvious way to do this is through a peel process where old skin is removed so new skin can take its place.

I have been focusing on the peel options available, some old techniques and some new. Today I am going to briefly cover the most dangerous of the four we are looking at.

The Phenol Peel (Including Phenol-Based)

Phenol peels act in much the same way as the TCA peels but are much stronger and require to be performed by a medical professional. I am talking LICENSED, CERTIFIED, and PRACTICED professional!

These peels can cause severe disfigurement and discoloration if not strictly applied in the correct manor and for the correct amount of time.

The way phenol works is by a chemically necrotic effect on the skin. In other words, destroying the skins structure so that new skin is spurred underneath, much like a deep burn or scrape would heal.

This is the reason for the risks of infection and more scarring. Think about acid thrown on skin in the movies... you get the idea.

I don't recommend you to use Phenol (or phenol-based) peels, as they are being replaced by the milder glycolic and TCA peels in the dermatological profession. This is not to say that in some medical instances they are not still used.

As a rejuvenation method, however, the risks far outweigh any benefit you might receive. I would not want to take that chance with my face.

If you can still find a dermatologist to perform a Phenol peel for you, the treatment will more than likely cost from $3000.00 up to $6000.00 for the entire face.

You can also find Phenol-based peels from $150.00 up to $400.00 per treatment. Again I would caution that even Phenol-based peels should not be performed from home without supervision, no matter what the company who sells them says.

That's the bad news today regarding these peels...

Now, here's some good news. Tomorrow I will be talking about the cutting edge way that skin is being repaired, rejuvenated, and restored naturally, in today's world.

Science and nature finally join forces to create products that are quite literally, "Changing the face of skin care".

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