NOT All Skin Repair Products Are Created Equal!

As you scroll through my blog you will find that I mention "skin peels" several times. I have a good working knowledge of them as I have used them myself extensively.

I also recommend this form of deep exfoliation to really renew skin and repair accumulated damage.

However, in order to avoid unnecessary risk or harm from some of the peel products out there, you need to understand the kinds available, how they work, and how they may be or not be of help to you.

There are so many different types of skin peels available on the market today, and although the word "peel" seems to be overused, I will provide you with the top choices and stick to what I like to call REAL peels.

A real peel will remove several layers of outer skin revealing the healthy new skin underneath immediately (normally within minutes, hours, or days within first application). If you have ever had a sunburn and then peeled - you will know exactly what we mean by "new skin."

These peels work in a similar fashion. Here is the first of the four most common peels available:

1. Glycolic Acid Peel

A glycolic acid peel is a very strong version of the alpha hydroxy fruit acid mixture. It works by loosening the dead and ready to shed skin cells.

It does not damage or burn any live cells and removes only the outermost layers. It leaves the skin softer and more even toned and usually takes 2-3 treatments (of the strong stuff) over a period of a month to be noticeable.

Glycolic peels are usually priced by the peel or individual session. Cost ranges anywhere from $75.00 (lower strength) up to $250.00 (higher strength) per peel or session.

Although at first glance glycolic peels seem to be a fairly inexpensive option, the ongoing costs and limited results associated with them can make a big dent in your pocket book in a hurry if your not careful.

The other main issue with glycolic peels is that just by themselves, most will not cause your skin to actually peel. This is all something to consider when deciding if this kind of peel is right for you.

Tomorrow I will continue with the different types of peels so we can expand the understanding of them. In the meantime, I always like to give everyone more access to information that you can use today so visit the next link below to get step-by-step information on how to keep your skin healthy, clear, and youthful looking!

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