Minerals? Critical Skin Protection Inside and Out!

I hope you've been learning a lot by me sharing what I know about the role vitamins and minerals play in your health and the look and feel of your skin.

Today I want to get right down to business and talk about what I call the BIG 3. I am talking about minerals that can have a great effect on skin health.


Scientific research is showing this mineral plays a key role in skin cancer prevention. Taken in supplement form or in a cream, it even protects the skin from sun damage.

If you do spend any time in the sun (who doesn't this time of year), selenium can help reduce your chance of burning which lowers your chance of developing of skin cancer.

Some of the best sources of selenium include whole-grain cereals, seafood, garlic, and eggs. Other sources are also available so I would recommend for you to do some more research on your own on this mineral.


Another important mineral to skin health. Used in conjunction with vitamin C and the mineral zinc, copper helps to develop elastin, which are the fibers that support skin structure from underneath.

While a copper deficiency is rare (doctors caution that supplements can be dangerous), topical applications of copper-rich creams can firm the skin and help restore some elasticity, according to some study results.


The third and most important mineral I want to discuss today is zinc. It can be very important to consider if you have acne breakouts.

In fact, sometimes acne itself is a symptom of a zinc deficiency. Taken internally or used topically, zinc works to clear skin by taming oil production.

It also may be effective in controlling the formation of acne lesions or help those who want to clear their skin sooner rather than later.

Food sources of zinc include oysters, lean meat, and poultry. This is much safer than Accutane and it's dangerous side effects. Zinc is also available in supplement form and in many of the different powdered shake drinks on the market (just be careful with the sugar content on these).

By making sure these 3 BIG Minerals are in your diet, they will help to support skin health in multiple ways.

Using products that contain them can also be helpful, just make sure you know the other ingredients in the product you are using... you do not want to do more harm than good.

I always like to give everyone more access to information that you can use today so visit the next link below to get step-by-step information on how to keep your skin healthy, clear, and youthful looking!


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