Can Skin Moles Be Dangerous? I Found Out They Can Be...

I would like to conclude my discussion on skin moles for now with my own little close call with them. Just as I have suggested to you, I also watch for any changes in my skin on a regular basis.

I also make sure my annual physical check-up includes a skin check by my doctor.

I have this done every year as a precaution, like most people who spend a good deal of time outdoors should. On one particular check-up a mole was identified as pre-cancerous.

They took a sample to have it analyzed which was fine, but I'm not the type of person who likes to wait around for test results before taking action. Feeling a little scared but knowing I could still attack the problem personally, I utilized the natural methods I talk about in my book to remove the mole.

About a week later the doctor called to confirm that it was growing and should be removed. To his surprise I told him I was already in the process of getting that done, but I went ahead and scheduled the follow up with him just to be safe.

A week later I went in and to his amazement, the mole was gone. He rechecked and tested the area and gave me a clean bill of health, and he asked me what I had used to remove the mole so quickly.

I told him it was something I did regularly with natural methods, which was why I didn't usually have any. He proceeded to say, "Well, just keep doing what you're doing, I guess."

I had to laugh at his typical AMA response. :-)

I know so many people who suffer needlessly with skin moles, warts, and skin tags when they absolutely don't have to. In fact, not addressing them can even be dangerous especially in the case of moles and warts.

If you would like to learn more about the natural methods I used to remove my mole, follow through to the next link. All it takes is a little time to read and apply them, and watch every mole, wart, and skin tag fall away on it's own in no time.

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Be sure to keep a good watch on your skin. It is important to always be aware of what your body is telling you. I have thousands of client stories of how they recognized a problem early on just because they now know to pay attention.

A lesson we all should take to heart!

Wishing you a healthy and joyous day,

Chris Gibson
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Unknown said...

Chris, I know you claim great success with your methods of mole/ skin tag removal. I followed your methods for over 4 weeks on 4 moles. One mole looks less noticeable, the other 3 no change.It was a hastle to treat 3 times daily for over a month and to keep those areas covered. I notice you don't really say how much baking soda. Eileen Bowling

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the article.

I have a question about sebaceous hyperplasia. I have never seen you mention this skin condition. I would like to know if there is any way to stop it from happening, and to reverse the damage that it does. If you could address this, I would appreciate it. Thanks for your help.

Chris Gibson said...

This common disease, where the oil glands become enlarged under the skin can be helped with the steaming method. This is where you would apple a very warm wash cloth to the area, re-warming it frequently, for at least 20 minutes per day. This helps open pores so the drain reducing the bumps these create. You may also apply olive oil or castor oil to the skin in these areas each night to help moisturize and reduce the need for the skin to produce as much oil.