Your Questions and Your Feedback!

I wanted to take a moment today and thank those of you who have taken the
time to post questions and feedback on my Facebook Fan page and also the
Ginale Fan Page.

I love the questions and have taken the time to answer them, so everyone can learn something. There are no "bad" questions. :-)

I have been heartened by the wonderful feedback on Ginale Skin Care, the naturally-based skin care line I helped to create and the great results you
all are getting. I am glad so many are getting healthier skin by using them, that was the point of creating them.


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Because I also get a lot of questions regarding these products I want to provide just a sample of the feedback that you can find on the web and on the Ginale Facebook Fan page.

Just yesterday we received this:


"Can you tell I'm serious about having beautiful skin? So far, the peels have done wonders. I have Rosacea and have had great success in clearing it up since using peel and following Chris's advice on what NOT to put on my skin.

My face is clearer, softer and more uniform in color. Honestly, I feel much better about the way I look. You should feel good about working for a product line that actually delivers on its promise."

Thanks in advance for your advice,

Laurie Yglesia


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And, then also on the fan page this client had this to say:


Diana Maupin Davenport commented on Ginalé Skin Care's wall post.

Diana wrote: "I am 43 and have fought with my skin since I was eleven. Accutane worked great while I was on it but I was miserable, I took the antibiotics which didn't help, I used the benzoil peroxide products and the salicylic acid products only to have them work initially, but leave me far worse off later. This peel really works.

It helps tremendously with my old scarring, helps me keep my skin clear (as long as I'm not eating too poorly), and makes my skin look younger too. I think the difference is that the peel seems to actually make my skin healthier, unlike those other products which were so rough on it.

My husband also loves the peel. He finds it to feel a bit stingy while on, but never has had a visible irritation afterward. Make sure you treat your skin to some rich nourishing, moisturizing cream afterward. Even if you think you have oily skin ....


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Thank you all for your questions and support!

Wishing you a healthy and joyous day,

Chris Gibson
The Hardest Working Guy In Skin Care

"Inspiring Healthy Choices For Better Living."


alan smith said...

i have a lot of spider veins and redness on the right side of my face but nothing on the left . my questions are what would be the best treatment/diet to improve /clear up the right side of my face

Anonymous said...

I also have rosacea and didn't know if the peel would help it. I have to be so care not to irritate it. Using olive oil soap to clean face. Should I try the peel on rosacea?

Chris Gibson said...

Both of these qustions are good! For spider veins and reducing them it's all about improving circulation. A product like the Ginale Skin Peels has worked well for my clients for this and rosacea. By improving cellular turnover and improving the circulation the skin can heal itself quite quickly.

Hannah said...

Hi Chris,

what's the difference between the revitalizing moisturizer and the continuous renewal moisturizer cream? which is better, given that my skin is quite pimple prone and i'm on the ginale skin peel treatment to get rid of acne scars? wondering whether it's safe to use the continuous renewal moisturizer while on the peel? whether there will be any interference, as i noticed it contains Lactic & Pyruvic Acids too.