Use "This" On Your Skin Not "That"...

As I was working this weekend on some of the comments and posts by some of you, there were a lot of really good questions. Some of this I have covered before, but I realize you have to scroll through the blog to find it.

So, I came to the conclusion that a good recap of what you should be looking "for" when it comes to what is IN your products would be good to do. Considering we have gone over what you should try to avoid, its time to know the natural ingredients that work well and safely for skin care.

In other words, instead of soap there are things I recommend that work better and are better for you. Instead of chemicals there are naturally-based products I recommend for clearing acne and regenerating health skin.

Here is a recap of my recommendations. Keep the questions coming! :-)

1. Skin Cleansing

You should look for products that use glycerin or sorbitol as their base. A cleanser that contains these along with olive oil, aloe, seaweed, and or essential oils (like tea tree) are all good cleansers that leave the skin in a healthy state.

Some may even contain glycolic acid (alpha hydroxy acid from fruit) to help with exfoliation.

2. Skin Toners

You need to be very choosy when using a toner. Make sure it does not contain oil or alcohol. Some healthy ingredients to look for are glycerin, aloe vera, hylaronic acid, and fruit of vegetable extracts.

For instance, we decided to use cucumber in Ginalé when doing the formulation with the lab and dermatologist. The idea here is to not over-dry your skin with a toner. It's role should be that of a "balancer".

3. Skin Moisturizer

This is a critical step everyone should be doing, young, old, or even acne prone skin. There are specific moisture needs for different areas of the face and body, so I'm going to talk about the general things to look for in a good moisturizer.

In addition to some of the aforementioned ingredients you should look to moisturizers that contain only natural oils such as avocado, apricot, or soybean.

4. Skin Protection

Almost everyone has heard the stories in the news of late about the dangers some sunscreen products pose to the skin. Especially if they contain derivatives of vitamin A.

While skin care product producers scramble to remove these ingredients that were never necessary to protecting your skin from the sun in the first place, here is what to look for when choosing a sun protective lotion.

A safflower oil or avocado oil base is very healthy for the skin. Combined with aloe vera/castor oil to balance the FDA required ingredients of sun blocking agents such as palmitate and dimethicone, this type of sunscreen will provide you with excellent protection and yet be soothing to the skin.

One more thing, as a general rule you do NOT need SPF over 30 either as anything higher can be very irritating.

Everyone knows I am about being a close to natural in any product as the FDA will allow. This means that there are a few great products out there that can fit this criteria. One thing that you need to understand clearly is about parabens.

These have been lumped into the harmful category by many "backyard" or "bathtub" home skin care product producers. So tomorrow I want to talk about them and a few other ingredients miscalled "chemical".

A little clear knowledge of this allows everyone to know what the best choices are.

I always like to give everyone more access to information that you can use today so visit the next link below to get step-by-step information on how to keep your skin healthy, clear, and youthful looking!

Wishing you a healthy and joyous day,

Chris Gibson
The Hardest Working Guy In Skin Care

"Inspiring Healthy Choices For Better Living."


eXtreme said...

I have oily skin with blackheads. So does this mean I dont have to use toner or moisturizer after cleansing?

Anonymous said...

Hi Cris,

Does salicylic acid help if you´ve got blackheads?
And what is your opinion of vitamin b5?

Analoren said...


What about the use of it true that it creates a protective layer (especially on hands) which stimulates and calls what moisture it finds in the lower epidermis to the surface eventually making your skin even drier?

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris, Been wanting to order the
skin peel but don't know if you can
use it on rosacea type skin? Have
moderate rosacea but also some breakouts and blackheads that peel
would help. So what should I do?
Linda D.

Unknown said...

my skin is too oily and i have acne with acne scars on my face. how to remove all those acne scars permanently.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christ, my forehead is alway dark due to working outdoor in the sun.I keep trying skin products but all in vain, how can i solve the problem permanently?

lucky said...

i have oily skin...i used moisturizer of it bad to use in summer????and many black spots and holes are there in my face