Sorry... You Can't Just Scrub Off Acne or Scars!

The last few days we have focused on reversing skin damage through lasers, chemical peels, and non-chemical methods. The last area I want to touch on is Micro-Dermabrasion, Scrubs and Salts that are sold to help smooth and even the skin.

These are products that to me are really hyper-exfoliators and are not really designed to do more that just exfoliate. Because some of them are sold under the idea that they can do more I wanted to take a brief look at them.

Micro-dermabrasion pads, machines, and sponges are all designed to buff away the outer layer of skin. Usually they are coated in some kind of very fine crystal powder that acts much in the same way as sandpaper does.

I had tried these products in the past and while they can remove the dead skin cells that need to come off, they cannot go deep enough to effect a great deal of correction to the skin.

The other issue I have with them is that often they are uneven in their application and can leave the skin raw where too much pressure or time has been spent in any one area.

They also have the effect of leaving tiny fine lines or scratches similar to a cat-scratch, and I found that to be unpleasant. It is for this reason I don't recommend them to my clients.

As for Salts and Scrubs, I have a similar view with the exception that for really roughened areas of the body like the elbows and feet they can be useful. I never ever recommend these for the face.

They can be irritating, leaving microscopic cuts in the skin open to bacteria causing breakouts. I get dozens of clients a year who used these kind of products on the face only to be very broken out.

They often have the same bad ingredients I tell you to look out for in other body and facial care products. Your money is better spent on other methods I have described.

There is ONE exfoliating sponge I do recommend and use myself, and have for years. It is the Buf-Puf sponge made by 3M corporation. I recommend it to many of my clients to use in the shower and for facial cleansing.

The material is non-irritating and works very well in removing just the right amount skin in an even exfoliating process. They cost about $4.00 and last about a month... a great value for what it delivers.

I hope you have found this series on reversing skin damage helpful! I always like to give everyone more access to information that you can use today so visit the next link below to get step-by-step information on how to keep your skin healthy, clear, and youthful looking!

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Anonymous said...

pls where can i get d buf puf sponge

Chris Gibson said...

Do a google search for Buf-Puf by 3m corporation. You should be able to locate a local retailer or order directly online. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hello sir, I have acne problem from last seven years and yet I'm unable to get rid of it. I've tried many medicines and dozens of cream but anything didn't work. A small yellow matter comes out from my skin when I squeeze it with my fingers. It's not pus but it is solid matter like small seeds. I didn't find any medicine to get rid of such stuff thing yet. Can you help me sir.

piyush said...

i want facial pack 4 acne skin . .and any idea about how 2 apply sunscreen

Anonymous said...

i have had acne problems from thirteen years of age, tried all products i can get no matter the cost. I'm from the Caribbean (St.Lucia) and i oder ginale through a friend and it is a miracle worker. My skin for the first time look great and i get compliments in abundance. Thank u and continue the good work expecially with your researching.