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I've been receiving lots of questions lately about getting rid of lines and wrinkles, and especially acne scarring. This subject is the number one concern of parents and acute acne sufferers who contact me.

So I want to spend a little time talking about how to safely even skin tone and remove, reduce, or even prevent these problems. The way I removed my own acne scars was through deep exfoliation methods over time.

I want to share with you today the options and the risks they represent along with the results you can expect.

All skin pigmentation problems, overall skin tone, broken capillaries (spider veins) and light acne scarring can all benefit from deep exfoliation. This can be accomplished by using products containing alpha and/or beta hydroxy ingredients.

These are fruit acids that work on the surface of the skin to loosen and help microscopically flake off the old dead skin cells that build up over time. Due to the gentle process involved, the effects of consistently using these kinds of products show up just in a couple of weeks.

They are generally tolerated well and can be used as a part of a lifetime regimen. I have been using AHA's since I was 28 and have had excellent results from them. Now of course I use the stronger versions we have in our Ginale line, specifically the Ginale Skin Peel Kit.

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The other more drastic ways to address these kind of skin issues are with the more aggressive peel formulations. On the last telecast I did a few months ago, I outlined them as the following:

1. Chemical - TCA, Phenol, Blue Acid. These are all true acid peels that are applied by a professional in an office, require at least a week of healing time, and 3 - 4 weeks before the skin in normalized. Scarring and infections risks are highest with these methods.

2. Fruit Enzyme (AHA,BHA). Glycolic, Lactic, Pyruvic, and Kojic acids are mild fruit acids that work "like" the chemical peels to remove skin, but only work on the dead or loosened skin that needs to come off without burning the healthy skin underneath.

Scarring and infection risks with these methods are slim to none at all. The only risk would be an allergic reaction, but no permanent problems occur since these methods do not burn the skin.

These are the same fruit enzymes used in the Ginale Skin Peel Kit that I spoke about earlier, and it is what I recommend.

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3. Micro-Dermabrasion, Scrubs, and Salts These are products that use grits, crystals, or other fine mediums to 'sand" the outer layer of skin. These are readily available in all kinds of over-the-counter products.

These methods are abrasive and if misused may cause more pigmentation problems. They are also difficult to judge in how long to "scrub" as you may not realize you have gone too far until after completing the methods. I do not recommend these for acne prone skin in any situation.

These are the basic approaches that can be used on your skin for rejuvenation. Over the next few days I will go into greater detail on each of these so you know your options and what I recommend.

Skin damage can be reversed, you just have to choose the right process that makes sense for you.

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Wishing you a healthy and joyous day,

Chris Gibson
The Hardest Working Guy In Skin Care

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Unknown said...

Halo, I am in India. All the articles are interesting but I am not able to do much. Is it safe to remove the moles on the face with laser?

Chris Gibson said...

Hi there! Laser treatments can be exspensive and painful. Many times they need to be repeated. You would want to get references on the person/professional before using laser therapy for anything. There are alternative methods for shrinking mole such as I describe in my book "No More Moles Warts, or Skin Tags" Some should be avaialble to you there. ~chris~

Anonymous said...

Is there ways to get rid of pimples overnight, with toothpaste,salt, etc.,?

Anonymous said...

im 25 yrs old and i need help my acne n acne scars..I hardly drink soda..n my back breaks out so bad..I had acne ever since i was 11yrs old..if i had a credit card i would buy ur stuff but i dnt.i use clean n clear products..n it works but my acne keeps coming back :( its sad when i take piks we will do touch ups on ur piks bc of my me im n college..plzzz

kunal said...

hello chris...i am tired of my acne and the marks and uneven skin tone left behind...tried it all...nothing really works ..have beeen reading mails frm you..home remeedies do have an effect but sometimes the make my skin ultra sensitive to the sunlight...please suggest me immediate results for he betterment of my skin..i am on the verge of giving up...i have plans for new york this ginale skin peel availble in markets out there...please i need your help...

Jennifer said...

Hi Chris! I'm writing from Puerto Rico, I bought your wonderful book on acne several years ago through the internet. What's your opinion on deep cleanses for the skin performed at a spa?

Unknown said...

I would love to try ur product. I am 36 and I am starting to see lines, my pores are more visible and ive been getting like red burning rash on my face for the last 4 years. I hate it. What do you recommend?

Fay said...

Hello there! I'm just a 15 yr old girl that's suffering from acne. I would just like to know if there are home remedies for acne scars that give very fast results? Thanks if you're willing to answer this and also I just want you to know of how kind of you to give so many advices about this sensitive topic! It's really a big help! ;)

suheb said...

hi,im having pimples and there are pimple marks on my face,please tell me a simple and a cheaper way to remove these.

Anonymous said...

I'm doing Micro-Dermabration for scars skin..can i get my early skin by 3 or 4 treatments

Anonymous said...

hi there..
well,chris..i'm really interest with ur product.where can i get it in malaysia?..or can u suggest me any way to get ur product?..

Anonymous said...

hi chris, it's great that you give advise on skin. it's nice to have someone give you an idea on how to help yourself with skin problems. However like the other person just wrote, i also don't have a credit card so how best can i get your products?

Anonymous said...

hi chris,
i ve got acne i tried everything but nothing really works please tell me what to do

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Chris, thanks your e-mails are really helpful. I have been suffering from acne for many years now and it seems to get worse. I really want to get a copy of your book but I don't know how as I live in South Africa and I don't own a credit card.... Really hope you can help me!!


Anonymous said...

hi chris i m from india i m 30 i have many acne and marks of acne on my face and upper arm please recommend me any effective skin products for use.

carmen said...

Hi Chris,

I have played a lot of sport most of my life, with unprotected arms and legs, also having Crohns Disease, I have had to take Prednisone for about 10 years, now that I am onlder havent taken the Prednisone for l6 years, but my skin has thinned badly, get very itchy, bruise easily, even from a mosquito bite, skin tears, and bleeds profusely, I have been rubbing ,oisture creams in daily, but, I still have this very fragile, insightly skin, I am 68 years of age. Is there anything else I can do?
Kind regards,


Chris Gibson said...

Hi Carmin,

Wow, my dear mother had this very same issue. Those steroids can lead to some lasting effects such as what you are dealing with. I would day that as the skin tears heal treat them with tea tree oil but ONLY after the skin has scabbed and not to open flesh. I will be announcing a new product that plastic surgeons use to prevent scarring from these types of wounds soon. As far as improving the skin I would try to use a daily massage of one part olive oil and one part castor oil. Do this very gently to the areas that have the weak skin...usually the arms and hands. Do this daily for a few weeks and see if your skin thickness and elasticity does not improve. Also, you may want to check with your physician about your vitamin K levels.Low vitamin K can be indicated in this as well. Warmest - ~ Chris~