5 Popular Acne Myths BUSTED!

I have been noticing a lot of great questions regarding getting clear skin. Since acne "busting" is one of the big things I'm about, I thought I'd share my now famous "Acne Myth Busters" from my many segments on television.

There is an ever increasing amount of misinformation about acne out there and these are designed to help you get a clearer picture of what does and doesn't contribute to the 5 types of acne.

Myth #1: Oily Skin and Hormones Cause Acne and You Need To Dry Up Your Skin To Clear It Up.

The Real Truth: Over-productive oil glands can contribute to acne but do not cause it. Oily skin is good for you and drying the skin only causes more problems like clogged pores and trapped dirt and bacteria.

Hormone levels change throughout a person's life and while they can increase oil production they do not cause acne. Therefore, don't believe the hype and stop drying out your skin.

Myth #2: - What You Eat Has No Impact On Your Skin.

The Real Truth: Incredibly some dermatologist still tell patients this even though the connection between diet and hydration and the health of the skin has been proven by the medical profession.

Furthermore, studies and real life experience has shown a direct connection between the western diet high in sugar, pesticides, and processed food and acne cases where candida albicans yeast infection is indicated.

Myth #3: - Antibiotics and Accutane Are The Only Way To Cure Acne.

The Real Truth: Antibiotics are not a strong player in the acne game anymore due to their side effects and problems with long-term use. Additionally, the theory is that antibiotics target the bacteria (Propionibacterium acnes bacteria) that is responsible for the infected pore. In a majority of cases antibiotics do not clear acne having difficulty reaching the bacteria from internally to externally.

Accutane is a powerful drug derived from vitamin A with a host of life altering side effects in some people. It can cause birth defects and permanent liver damage. There have been many high profile lawsuits over patient reactions to this drug.

Accutane does not claim to nor does it "cure" acne. It can put some severe acne cases "on hold" such as a remission of sorts. In many people the acne returns as problematic or even worse than before months or years later.

Myth #4: - Products like Proactiv, Zenmed, and Other Similar Chemically-Based, Over-The-Counter Acne Products Are Leading The New Fight Against Acne and Acne Cases Are On The Decrease.

The Real Truth: These types of products, both pre-packaged and over-the-counter, create more problems for acne sufferers. Also acne is actually in truth INCREASING, with a 20% increase in reported cases worldwide in the past 3 years.

Acne is now a very common chronic problem for teens and adults. Adult onset of acne has increased ten fold in the last decade sparking a 20 billion dollar consumer marketing frenzy!

Unfortunately the truth is that there is nothing new in these products AT ALL! The main ingredients of benzyl peroxide and salicylic acid have been around for over 20 years.

These products along with common washes and soaps full of irritating sulfates can create over drying skin that is actually more prone to current and future breakouts.

Myth #5: - Acne Isn't Really A Big Deal and You Will Grow Out Of It.

The Real Truth: Acne is a very big deal emotionally for those who suffer with it. It causes depression, low self-esteem, and can create permanent emotional and physical scarring.

People with acne feel like their body is at war with them and in the case of adults with acne, the low self-esteem and self-hatred can be extreme.

People with severe acne are at high risk of being depressed and usually have low social interaction. Where acne is concerned the "whole" person needs help and support, not just the disease.

I hope you find these 5 points helpful in understanding why your skin may be behaving the way it does. Tomorrow I will share the truth about what DOES contribute to skin problems, including stress and the role of CHOICE.

I always like to give everyone more access to information that you can use today so visit the next link below to get step-by-step information on how to keep your skin healthy, clear, and youthful looking!


Wishing you a healthy and joyous day,

Chris Gibson
The Hardest Working Guy In Skin Care

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