Sugar Is Not The Only Skin Bandit!

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Today, I wanted to provide you with some more information about food and its role in skin health. I know I talk a lot about reducing sugar in the diet, since it can truly have a great impact on skin health.

However, did you know that refined sugar is not the only thing that can cause glycemic increases (blood sugar spikes) that can lead to breakouts and flare-ups of skin conditions?

Since the skin is the largest "organ" of the body, it performs a lot of functions we are not conscious of most of the time. One of it's key functions is to remove waste from the body.

When it becomes over-burdened with too much toxicity, it can become diseased in its own right. We see this with adult onset of acne, sudden skin reactions and rashes, and poor skin health.

Continual exposure to chemical ingredients in your diet can actually be measured in skin and hair cells for months after the chemical ingredients have been ingested. Today I am going to talk about yet another "natural" ingredient in food that causes problems for most people.

If Sugar Is A Killer, Then Gluten Is Its Partner In Crime

Gluten, which like sugar is known to spur candida overgrowth, contributes heavily to the yeast infection problem I help so many of my acne clients fight. This is also the problem I had that kept my acne problem going away into my mid twenties.

Foods high in gluten include breads, pastas, cereal, milk, crackers, and many other foods that have wheat or yeast in them. Believe it or not, wheat flour actually has the highest amount of gluten in it, which is a protein with a high glycemic index.

So be very careful when choosing what you buy at the grocery store, just because it says wheat on the label does not mean it is better for you. In most cases it's not, especially if you are dealing with skin problems.

What happens is the excess Candida Albicans (the internal yeast infection your fighting) actually feeds and thrives on both gluten and sugar. So if you cut out sugar and don't see an improvement in your skin, it could very well be that you also need to cut out gluten as well.

The connection between foods that contain gluten and skin issues is very clear and scientifically documented. Again, this is why it's so important to know what exactly is in your food before you buy it.

Tomorrow, I'm going to be providing you with a resource that will include gluten free foods that you can definitely eat without the fear of potentially making your skin problem worse.

Wishing you a healthy and joyous day,

Chris Gibson
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Anonymous said...

i have a 15 year old granddaughter who has been battling acne for 5 year 4 years. Nothing seems to help. Dermatologists and Doctors. We have use perscription drugs, Doxacycline, and now birth control.
Nothing works. All of your posts seems to be for people over 20. Any suggestions for teens. Would ginale help?

Worried Grandmother

Chris Gibson said...

Oh posts on acne are for everyone!

I can completely understand your frustration. This is exactly how it was for me and I know my parents felt the same way! It took me 15 years, a ton of doctor visits, and a lot of money before I figured out that Acne
is caused by multiple contributing factors.

First there is the diet. Sugars, gluten, and dairy have all been scientifically linked to difficult acne cases, especially in women and teen girls. A diet high in these ESPECIALLY considering there has been antibiotic use can lead to a yeast over growth ( Candida Albicans yeast) in the digestive tract that can contribute greatly to acne vulgaris, just as it did for me. A 6 week minimum with these completely out of the diet should make a tremendous difference in the skin. Adding a daily probiotic like Sustinex or other name brand can help reverse Candida overgrowth.

Today this is complicated because we have so many products that over dry the skin and use chemicals to try and clear acne up. They don't work, whether they are the over the counter brands, (Murad, Proactiv, Zenmed, etc) or the prescription version of benzyl peroxide and salicylic acid. All of these came out in the early 1980's and still don't work no matter what new name they are sold under. Switching to natural based products that use olive oil and glycerin work very, very, well. Tea tree oil is much better for killing bacteria on the surface of the skin than any antibiotic ever was.

Lastly there is the need for deep exfoliation to remove dead skin cells that block pores and encourage breakouts. I recommend a natural based glycolic ( fruit acid) product for this and the daily use of a facial exfoliating sponge like the Buf-Puf sponge made by 3m Corporation.

It is not my goal to sell you skin care products, but changing the diet and good external care for the skin will
put a stop to her breakouts. I help thousands of clients a year do this the natural way. Here are some resources for you. Please go to and subscribe to the free report on Basic Secrets to Clear Skin. This will give you both step by step instructions on daily skin care. Consider going to chemical free skin care products like Ginale so her skin can calm down and begin to heal.

Go to our Face Book Fan pages and read other people suggestions and comments. There is a whole community of us there to share our struggles and successes battling acne.

Then of course there is me! Write me with any questions you may have and let me know the progress you make. We are all here to help so use us to your advantage.

Take Care and God Bless!

Chris Gibson