Other Skin Bandits You Never Thought Of!

Today we are starting a new way of communicating through this blog, to make it easier for you to communicate back through the comments section and the other social media outlets you see on the right hand side. So without further ado, let's get going.

I have spent a lot of time talking about personal care products over the last several email messages.

Skin care products are not the only source for concern and there are other items in the home that can surprisingly contribute to skin sensitivity and issues. These items are the very things many of us use to clean and manage our homes.

Most household cleaners are actually chemicals, some are very strong and potentially fatal if swallowed and known irritants. Most have clear messages on their labels, like "do not swallow" and "avoid contact with eyes."

Many of these products can also irritate, or even damage, your skin. You should always avoid exposure by wearing protective gloves while you're using the products.

That said, here are some of the cleaners you may have around the house that can irritate your skin:

1. All-purpose cleaners can include ammonia, trisodium phosphate (TSP) and other hazardous chemicals designed to break up grease and remove stains from porous surfaces.

While limited skin exposure to these chemicals may not seem to affect the skin, prolonged exposure can have caustic effects, drying and breaking down your skin's surface.

2. Window and glass cleaners typically include ammonia and isopropanol. Not only can these be caustic to the skin, but they can also irritate your eyes and nasal passages and should be used in a well-ventilated area.

3. Dish-washing detergents can leave your hands dry and flaky with significant use, but usually aren't harmful to the skin. The more concentrated detergents for automatic dishwashers are more harmful and can cause your skin to burn and itch.

4. Toilet cleaners and mold/mildew removers have pesticides that are highly caustic, sometimes including bleach, which also has dangerous fumes.

5. Drain cleaners main ingredients include lye and sulfuric acid, which are highly caustic and cause dangerous fumes.

The health impact of these house cleaners has been well researched and you should always seek out alternative cleaners that are not as harmful.

There are many products on the market that now contain alternative chemicals reported to be less harmful or made entirely from natural ingredients, which are environmentally safer as well. Good for us and good for the planet!

All you need to do is check the labels or ask your store which products are most environmentally friendly. I hope this has been helpful today.

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Nick said...

Can you PLZ tell what are some good acne facial soaps that WILL NOT DRY OUT MY SKIN????

Chris Gibson said...

Hi Nick! Thank you for your questions. There are many options when it comes to face wash. I recommend you check lables and choose glycerin or sorbitol based products. These are usually marked as "sensitive skin" or "sulfate free". You might want to check the lable on my brands faces wash to use as a basis of comparison...just visit www.ginaleskincare.com and look at the product section. The face wash ingredients a listd there. Cheers!

zati said...

i have very sensitive skin with very painful acne and it leaves scars on my face.how do i have access to your products i hope you help me get rid of it because it is very painful.