The Gluten Free Food List I Use....

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I really appreciate all of the feedback on how the information I'm sharing with you is making such a great difference for a lot of you.

As I reviewed our requests today, there were some questions regarding the sugar and gluten skin health impact articles from the last few days, with people requesting a list of gluten free foods.

To be honest there are a huge amount of gluten free products and I am going to give you a website URL from a wonderful resource recommended to me by the Celiac Foundation.

While I am addressing overall health and skin health through the reduction of sugar and glutens (which convert to blood sugars and can have a negative impact on skin health), this list is so comprehensive that you will likely want to print it out and use it as a guide.

For the complete Gluten Free Food List follow through to the next link:

I want to thank Gelsons for putting together this extremely useful list! I already use it myself to help make better choices as well.

Wishing you a healthy and joyous day,

Chris Gibson
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Anonymous said...

Hello, Im Bethany, 20yrs old and desperate for a clear face. Im so happy you posted this. Its a little bit of a help considering that I have taken your advice to cut out gluten :) However, I am also trying staying away from sugar (including evaporated cane juice), and dairy products. Its very hard for me to grocery shop at times. I am battling severe cystic acne and have done everything I can to get rid of it.. or even under control. Ive been on a gluten free, sugar free, and dairy free diet for 1 1/2 weeks now. I did this last year for 2 weeks but didnt see many results. So I am going to stick with it longer. Though I do firmly believe my acne is caused by stress. I know what I put in my body is a huge part but mainly it is caused by stress. I have tried the apple diet.. no luck. I did each step EXACTLY as you laid it out. By the way, why is it okay for us to take in such a large amount of fructose if you warn us to stay away from it after the diet?? We dont just expel it, it goes in our bloodstream. I didnt understand that part, but Im desperate, so I gave it a go. I even started taking garlic tabs and acidophilus B everyday along with Vit. C which I was already taking religiously. The only thing I haven't tried is accutane. I want a natural remedy. But if I dont start seeing results, I am going to give in. I cant live like this anymore.. my face is in pain everyday. Im ashamed to go out in public. I am the only person in my family and extended family who is battling acne. I dont understand it..

Anonymous said...

Hey Bethany,

I was am 23 years old and had bad acne. I had it since 13 and tried everything to get rid of it.
Nothing worked.

I did the apple thing, followed everything perfectly, and didn't get a result, just like you. I struggled and struggled.

I went 'gluten free'. I went 'dairy free'. I saw a very small reduction but nothing amazing. I continued to struggle.

What ended up fixing it for me was a full 14 days lemon detox (which was horrific), then going no-holds-barred 100% gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, and MEAT FREE! Yes 100% vegetarian.

Ie I was accidently having gltuen in soy sauce so I changed to GF or tamari. I used to use whey protein so I changed to vegetable. I keep ANY gluten/dairy out.

I also reduced all fruit and had no fruit juice (vegetable juice is ok but no carrots or beets). Stay away from anything artifical (get 'Chemical Maze' book). Eggs seem OK.

Oh yeah no coffee or caffeine too.

You need to make sure you sleep well, and wash face with 100% natural stuff. Stay away from benzyl and salicilic and ANYTHING artificial. The 'chemical maze' book also has all cosmetics in it.

Don't over wash and don't underwash. I don't know you complexion but mine is a mediterraneon oily as hell and washing 3 times a day was good. That would be too much with a normal complexion.

Remember to drink heaps of water.

Lol, do that all perfectly and your acne will go away. I think your mistake is not being vegetarian. There are heaps of hormones and stuff in meat, plus even organic meat acidifies your body. You need to stay away from all meat.

My acne was considerably better in 1 month (2 weeks detox, 2 weeks vego), and 2-3 months later practically all gone. Even though the acne is gone some 'old marks and blemishes' will remain, so your skin will look a bit red/blotchy even though it feels smooth to the touch.

That's when you blast it with skin peels and exfoliation. To tell you the truth I actually use Ginale Skin Peel because I found it seems to work the best I think because it is the strongest. It also burns your face like crazy.

Be extremely careful of eating out at restaurants. I don't really go out anymore because whenever I do the next day pimples pop up.

Keep trying, even if you have had it for 10 years it can be gone in a couple months! :)