Food Additives That Can Wreak Havoc For Skin

It's hard to believe the weekend is here already. I know that you probably have a lot planned for today, so I wanted to get this quick tip out to you about actual chemicals (preservatives) in foods as a part of managing overall skin health.

As you probably understand, in order for foods to stay fresh and not get moldy some form of microbial protection is needed. Therefore, the FDA allows some sulfur-based preservatives to be in products for consumption, which otherwise would spoil and cause illness.

Now in and of themselves, some of these do not show any harmful effects on people while others are linked to problems. BHA and BHT are two of the most common.

BHA and the related compound butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT) have been used in food safety practices for many years, most of the time they are added to foods that are high in fats and oils as they can spoil and go rancid. These slow the development of off-flavors, odors, and color changes caused by oxidation.

Generally, these are safe and have shown to actually protect us from carcinogens in foods as we digest them. Now for the trouble makers.... sulfites (yeah, they are not just found in your skin care products), they are lucking in our food too!

People who are sulfite-sensitive should know which foods may possibly contain sulfites. But it's not always obvious by the chemical names on the label which ingredients are sulfites.

Currently, there are six versions of "sulfite" agents allowed in packaged foods. Here is what to look for on your food labels:

- sulfur dioxide
- sodium sulfite
- sodium and potassium bisulfite
- sodium and potassium metabisulfite

These have been linked to all sorts of disorders from acne breakouts and hives to anaphylactic shock. The symptoms most reported by sulfite-sensitive people is difficulty breathing and bloat.

By knowing which food preservatives are sulfites, which foods are likely to contain them, removing them from your diet, and then monitoring the effect on your health, you will be able to tell if they are causing you problems. Then you know to choose foods that don't contain sulfites.

Also, be very conscious that foods served in restaurants and fast food outlets (especially potato products and some canned foods ) are known to contain sulfites as well.

For example, lemon juice in your tea or splashed on your salad could be a source of sulfites. Fresh-squeezed lemon is OK, but bottled lemon juice often contains sodium bisulfite.

Again, by making healthy choices day to day, your overall health and the health of your skin can't help but improve.

As always, I hope you are finding this information helpful to you. It is my desire to serve you with knowledge and resources for a better and healthy lifestyle.

Wishing you a healthy and joyous day,

Chris Gibson
The Hardest Working Guy In Skin Care

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Anonymous said...

Chris, please send me the 5steps to clearing your skin in 3days.

Chris Gibson said...

Hi there! Thank you for writing! The steps to clear skin report is free and can be found on my website deicated to Acne Look for the report box and simply subscribe - it will be delivered right to you almost instantly. ~Chris~

Anonymous said...

chrisss,, i've read ur book and (full of shame) i havent succeeded to do the 3 days routine, i tried once and ended up losing in day 2. But i promise i will try for nailing the 3 days, :). However, the two days routine that i did surprisingly worked very well tho, its awesome!

however, i got two questions chris,
1. is it true that having a late snacking (i mean it includes fruits, or bread) is bad for your skin?
2.chocolate and coffee also source of breakouts, is true? if it is, am i have to avoid these two for the rest of my life??

i'm sorry for such a long comment. have a good day. :)

Chris Gibson said...

Hi There! There is never a bad question and certainly never one that is too long. Your questions really revolve around the sugar issue...which interestingly the article I wrote today should help answer. Chocolate in and of itself is actually very is how it is made that can be the problem. If your going to eat chocolate ( and it is one of my favorite things) get the sugar free kind. A late snack wont hurt you either...but keeping glutin and sugar out of the equasion will make a vst diffrence. I hope this helps! ~chris~

sharada said...

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sharada said...

i have red marks on my face please give me a tip to clear

sharada said...

hi please give me home made tips to clear skin